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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass


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A great game

posted by pezboy92 (SOUTH AMBOY, NJ) Oct 12, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

12 out of 18 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass truly revamps the DS library. It is one of the best looking games on the DS. If you were ske[tical about the stylus only control, do not be. The control is fun and innovative. If you did not play Windwaker, you might be a tad lost, but nothing to worry about. To hardcore Zelda fans, you might be a little upset. The game is just simply too easy. This game is missing all of the great and brain bothering puzzles and dungeons. The bosses in this game do not match up to the rest of the franchises. Phantom Hourglass is a must buy. It is a truly great game, but it is only a good Zelda game.

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Above Average

Hey...I've been here before...

posted by javemport (MISSOULA, MT) Nov 8, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

18 out of 31 gamers (58%) found this review helpful

To begin, I will list what I DO like about this game.

1. The presentation is wonderful.

2. The graphics impress.

3. Great sound design.

4. The controls work better than you'd think.

Now the things I dislike.

1. Its Zelda...AGAIN...The formula really needs to change. I am already deathly sick of just saving the princess over and over and over again. Not only that but treading through the typical dungeons looking for the necessary parts of a "key" I need to progress. Really, it has been too long. Zelda needs a revamp...its fun, but tiring. To me, its beginning to feel like a chore.

2. Whyyy....Darn you Temple of the Ocean King!! Retrekking through this tedious dungeon every couple hours made me want to quit. It is an unnecessary hindrance that really slows down the flow of the usually fast paced Zelda experience.

3. The darn cutscenes...I really just want to play, and we know Zelda is lazy with its story(although it shouldn't be). I feel obligated to watch these scenes, but I feel ripped off when they are over. They are very pretty, I won't lie, but they are very elementary. It just feels like unnecessary fluff for a story that doesn't need it. Just let me play. I get it, save the de dum, just let me use the darn sword.

As a result, this is the first Zelda game I really haven't liked. Whether due to the tedious timed sequences, the overblown importance of the story, or the feeling that I had done this all before, I just couldn't help but be disappointed.

Don't worry, that doesn't go to say its a horrible game. At its core, its Zelda, and its fun...but for the weathered Zelda fan, you may have seen better times. On the other hand, to anyone new to the series without a Wii, it wouldn't kill you to start here.

I don't know, I guess I was just expecting more from Zelda on a platform with little else that caters to the hardcore.
This has opened my eyes to the blatant repetitiveness of Nintendo's titles. Let's just hope they redeem themselves.

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Zelda at its Best

posted by bieseroner (LOS ANGELES, CA) Oct 2, 2007

Member since Mar 2003

5 out of 10 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This game is very good... it looks like Windwaker from the Gamecube but with a twist. You dont use the control pad to move Link around. You use the stylus and drag it on the screen to control him. You can make notes on the map to point out something to do in the future or to remember where you have been. This games is very good...after you rent it make sure you keep it...

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