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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass


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Bomb Door

Take a bomb by clicking on it with your stylus and click where you want to drop it also with your stylus be carefull though because you cant hold the bomb to long or you will lose health. Do this on one of the cracks and it will help you to uncover the hidden hideaway.

Kill phantoms with.. the Phantom Sword!!! (Read this after reading the 'Stun Phantoms!!!' Tip)

Almost at the end of the game you' ll have to go back to 'The Temple of the Ocean King' to fight Bellum (THE MAIN BAD GUY) in a final battle. Before you enter the temple you must go to Zauz at Zauz Island and he will make you the 'Phantom Sword' using the 3 pure metals you've found. The problem is... the sword hasn't got a handle! You go to Oshus after and he will make a handle by fusing the Phantom Hourglass and the Sword together. After the clip, YOU HAVE THE PHANTOM SWORD!! Now when in the temple you can now kill Phantoms! (I normally stun them, then slash their backs.)

The 3 Pure Metals Locations

Here are the locations and the names of The 3 Pure Metals: Metal 1: Aquanine- Isle of Frost: The island is at the Southeastern map, Northeast on the Map. Metal 2: Crimsonine- Goron Island: The island is also at the Southeastern map, Southwest on the Map. Metal 3: (You'll find out what its called for this metal, cause I forgot)- Land of ruins: The island is at the Northeastern map, Around the center on the Map.

Get lots of Treasure at 'The Temple of the Ocean King' using the Phantom Sword

This tip is simple really, Kill all the Enemies (Including the Phantoms, using the Phantom Sword) on the floor you're on, and get Treasure! (Note: It works on almost every floor!!)

Evading Jolene

When Jolene sees you plan a route going away from her and shoot the torpedos with your cannon.

Unlimited Rupees

Sometimes when you sail out to sea, you will encounter a flying jellyfish thingy. Shoot it with your cannon and you will get one ruupee. Just keep shooting it until you have the rupees you want.

How to get a cannon

When trying to get a cannon go to cannon island then roam the sea then go back and you will get the cannon.

Stun Phantoms!

After you have your bow and arrow you can use it to stun phantoms by shooting arrows on their back, this will make the phantom stunned and will just stand there, dizzy. Be careful! it only lasts about 10 seconds then the phantom awakens. So, use stunning to your advantage and don't slack off when their stunned! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING TO KILL THE PHANTOM! IT WONT WORK. unless....