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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


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The best Zelda game in a long time

posted by MetalMario (PITTSFIELD, NH) Dec 31, 2013

Member since Apr 2010

Even as a longtime Zelda devotee, I've been less than blown away by the Zelda games of recent years. "Skyward Sword", "Twilight Princess", and "The Minish Cap" all struck me as rather bland and formulaic, as if Nintendo were simply phoning it in. "A Link Between Worlds", however, gives me hope for the eventual Wii U installment of the series, as this spiritual successor to "A Link to the Past" is a fresh, fun throwback to a less jaded time. It's a bouncy, fast-paced, yet deep adventure with lots of stuff to find and explore, and it's blessedly light on exposition and dialogue. The dungeons - which had become a slow, confusing slog in recent games - are quick, well-designed, and actually fun! And the "rent any item you want at any time" system proves to be a marvelous break from the traditional Zelda formula.

All in all, I haven't had this much fun with a Zelda game in at least a decade.

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posted by Braun747 (REDFIELD, SD) Dec 28, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

i spent maybe 6 hours playing this game. its by far the easiest zelda game ive ever played. dungeons were too simple and boss fights took less than a minute to fight even on a first try. i personally only died once and it was at the end of the game and i had already purchased every item. the puzzles in this game were simple not hard to follow and the "twist" ending could be seen from miles away by anyone. m night shymalan could do better honestly. i give the game a 5 and thats for its art design and quick responding controls. not worth buying but worth renting if its shipping time is short.

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Its Fun going back to hyrule from LttP

posted by Dragonsigner (PICKENS, SC) Dec 23, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

first off this game is fun. second its like playing Link to the past back on super nintendo. but this time different more like a hd or 3d or 2.0 version. did i say this game was fun. why. it feels bigger. and fun to see old and new dungeons, old dungeons, new areas old areas. New story, but same story, resuce princess, fight evil, but with a twist loved the ending never saw it coming. thought i wish there was more story. more story scenes. music was the best. sometimes in some dungeons u dont hear it much. but you will be busy with the dungeons new layout..and fun-ness. theres old and new music. as for getting all the weapons in the begining. i like the suprise factor of not knowing what the item you will get in the dungeon instead of renting or buying all at once (you have enought rupees. thats just me. trying to guess what new item will be in this dungeon. learning the item and puzzles at the same time. the benefit of this new version of items is you will end up mastering them all before the end of the game. make up tricks, styles of play. combos. streetpass feature is neat. sometimes ez, sometimes hard. based on who you fight. play smart with your items. more rupess is not always the thing to worry about. other than that. a game worth renting or buying. for me. ill rent again down the road.

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