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:) excellent work

posted by JimmyJamm93 (HOLLIDAYSBURG, PA) Jul 18, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

Im not a fan of Zombie games Period; but with the hype of this game, especially if ND makes it, this had to be a game ppl were goin to flock on. If Uncharted series was amazing enough, this: with the setting it made of itself, was a creative success.

The story was set, the play was non stop, you wanted to finish this and there was something else, then you were wanting to know how you got the Tool sets, upgrades, you hunted in EVERY single inch to find items and pieces. This game is our version of reading books and being entertained. it made you think, work, strategise and find the answers for the next part.

Its truly a home run of a game, i give 9 only cause ive never been a zombie gamer. but with ND making the game, graphically, and in producing a movie/story this interesting, its a must work/play.
I hate to say, SEQUEL?? not blowing it up, but ya never know, uncharted got 3 makes. Its not outta the question.

Well done NDog/Sony

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GF Rating


Get it.

posted by copperman7 (RAMONA, CA) Jul 17, 2013

Member since Jan 2008

Where can I start with this game? I'll just go through the main parts that makes the game special.

Story: Excellent. The story is dark and mature. The game knows how to through a curve-ball at you when it comes to the story and the gameplay, which I'll explain later. The interactions between grizzled smuggler Joel, and the vulgar 14 year old girl, Ellie, are realistic and intriguing, cutscene or gameplay. Its engrossing to see their relationship grow. Finally the ending will be a topic of conversation for months to come.

Gameplay: Excellent, but not flawless. The controls are something else. They are confusing at first, but you'll get the hang of them quickly. The game relies heavily on stealth to dispatch the infected and stragglers out for your head, because ammo is scarce and the aiming (which is required in order to shoot) is difficult because you get so tense when aiming. It doesn't help that Joel has an unsteady gun-hand. This gives a realistic feeling, and really makes you feel like you are playing "Joel vs. the World." You are also able to craft other weapons like Molotov cocktails and smoke bombs. You can also upgrade your guns and whatnot at certain locations. The problem comes to the AI, the enemies and allies tend to have their stupid moments, but is usually pretty solid.

Multiplayer: Very good and addicting. Its singleplayer, but without story. You play in different factions and make loadouts for battle. Pretty basic multiplayer stuff. You'll get hooked after you finish the story mode.

If you have a PS3, get it. If you have an Xbox or a Wii(U), get a PS3 and then get it. If you can't play M games, make it work. Just get it.

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A refreshing chance

posted by jhnabors (CROSS HILL, SC) Jul 17, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

This game is, in my opinion, one of the best that PlayStation has released this year. Its not the average "ohI'mmaZombieRawrRawrRawr" game; thank god. It takes on a more 28 Days Later feeling with people being infected by a spore instead of having a bite randomly turn them into a magical dead creature.The character development is very well done and you actually get an emotional attachment. The beginning alone had me tearing up a bit and that was only 10 minutes in. And the stealth <3. Oh dear sweet baby deity of holy beliefs. You depend hardcore on stealth and it makes the whole experience so much more "edge of seat." It also makes you question what's worse: Humans or the Infected. There are several parts of the game where I wished I was up against the Infected instead of the Humans.

The reasons this game gets a nine would be:

1.) Some areas you stealth through are very confusing and you end up running in circles. Maybe its because I'm a dummy or something, but I feel like its a bit of a design flaw. There was a very "open world" game formation in a game that is very mission controlled.

2.) Your partners stay IN your butt. And if, by some chance, they aren't trying to read the stitching of your jeans, they're in the worst places for an already paranoid player. When you're surrounded by 8 Clickers and 2 runners in a very dark room, the last thing a paranoid player needs their partner standing straight up and humped over like they're around to eat you. Bullets are precious and Clickers are unforgiving when a 14 year old gets mistaken for a zombie.

Other than that: Good job guys! As a dedicated Nintendo junkie, I'm happy to say that with more launches like ya'll have been offering and the games, I may be coming around to the dark side!

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