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The last of us nice game

posted by j2300 (BAGDAD, AZ) Jan 7, 2014

Member since Feb 2012

The game play was vary good. I dug the story line. But the ending was a little under what I was hoping for. All together I liked this game a lot.

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Good but...

posted by NewPenny (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Jan 7, 2014

Member since Jun 2013

Now I'm not really sure 3.5 is a fair rating. I struggled with whether to give it a 4 or a 3 so I just stuck in the middle. It really was a good game, but it made some really fatal mistakes in the end that left a bad taste in my mouth.
Other Characters: Everyone has pretty good AI. They can't actually agro any enemies but they usually stay hidden when they should (except in the case of Tommy. Was he broken? It was kind of embarrassing). You also don't have to look after them like in some other games. The only time they get killed is if you agro a huge crowd then run away, but what did you expect?
Game Play: In the tutorials the game really boasts about multiple options; you can run, fight or sneak, but in reality you will have to fight almost every time. Dishonoured did a much better job of the dual path concept. You can't really sneak in this game because Joel can't jump/climb on things and the terrain is realistic (ie not a lot of hiding spots).
I didn't like that in the suspenseful parts (winter for those of you who have played this) you couldn't just run past people. It made it obvious that this was a game and that no one was really in danger.
Realism: They were really going for a realistic theme in this game. When you want to change weapons you actually have to stop and open your backpack. Its kind of funny to compare that to the last game I've played, latest Tomb Raider, where you could just change weapons while zip lining. Also your health doesn't regain. Thats really hard to get use to if all you play is new games like me. On that note they are also pretty stingy with the bullets. Some times I had 3 bullets and 7 guys. I made it work in the end, but thats a little harsh.
Extras: I really don't understand why you have to play the whole game to access the unlockables. They aren't really that important, just different outfits and filters (I don't actually know what these are so I can't comment). If it was like "have a flame throw

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The Top of My Best Games List

posted by face8463 (MONROE, CT) Jan 7, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

Some games are great to play but they don't pull you into the story; when you're done you don't even remember the title. Others have a great story or premise but the below standard inner workings make them horrible to just play. The Last Of Us is going to be a standard that new games will have to meet. Right there with Portal, Half Life 2, Ico, The Shadow of Colossus, Demon Souls/Dark Souls.....
Excellent in all categories...story, characterization, sound, gameplay, controls, camera and the AI enemy is terrific! 2 full play throughs and I will guess I will hit it for a third, before I play the sequel (if made).

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