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Way Overhyped.

posted by Realm (WESTMINSTER, MD) Mar 9, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

The Last of Us is a wonderfully story-driven game that has been praised by almost everyone who has played it, and was even nominated for Game of the Year.
Too bad it can't live up to the hype.
It's presented as a post-apocalyptic pseudo survival horror and adventure game, in which you must escort a young girl across an anarchic America to yield a cure for the disease that currently plagues what is left of society.
What it actually is is a stealth shooter with frustrating mechanics and overly-realistic gameplay. Once you begin to encounter hostile creatures, you're expected to stealthily evade groups of enemies or take them out one at a time. This leads to frustrating attempts that usually end in failure, and a gruesome end for Joel.
Yes, there are guns. But is there ammo? Weapons are too few and often impractical. And there aren't many opportunities to use them. If you use a firearm near a group of enemies, each one will notice and swarm you.
In short, the story is fine, but the mechanics are awful. This is one video game that would have been better as a movie.

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Zombie game

posted by Kat22 (SEATTLE, WA) Mar 8, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

I'm not a fan of zombie games. The gameplay & overall story were interesting, but not enough to overshadow the fact that it's a zombie game. If you're ok with that, this game would be awesome & my rating would go up to an 8.

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Loved it

posted by Lyniaer (WILLIAMSPORT, PA) Mar 5, 2014

Member since Oct 2009

Now, this is what I call a video game. Far removed from the Call of Battle; Duty Field's, the Assassins Scrolls Elder Creeds and Need for Metal; Speed Gears, this is story-telling and intrigue at it's finest.
Sure we've some similar stories told, but you can do a whole lot with apocalyptic scenarios and you can also do a helluva lot worse.

The graphics were flawless, the sound engineering was on point, the music and atmosphere were set just right and the pacing was perfect.
It had a few moments of frustration but it really came down to how long you've been staying awake playing the game.

I 'do' have to point out one thing; and no one else on the ENTIRE INTERNET appears to have caught this:
There's a moment with a truck (won't spoil too much more than that) and the characters give an entirely too detailed instruction on how to operate a manual transmission vehicle. The only problem is, if you take a look inside the cab of said can clearly see the shift lever on the steering column. The truck was a newer model, so it wasn't like the old Fords where you had the 3-speed manual on the steer column; no, this truck was modeled as an automatic. But they kept talking about the clutch and the gear shift (which should be on the transmission hump on the floor). So...yeah. Just a little missed detail there. But that's all right. Maybe next time.

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