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A game I actually wanted to finish

posted by Toast4Twenty (PARK CITY, KS) Sep 29, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

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The Last of Us is a survival game, and a well done one at that. It takes place 20 years after an infection has taken over two thirds of the world. The main character, Joel, is man trying to cope with loss, love, and a life that was ripped from under him. The story itself is enough to make me want to finish the game. I think this is the first game I have beaten in years. The gameplay is smooth and the controls are easy. I played on hard difficulty the first time through and it took me about 20 hours to complete. This game is addicting and with all the variable in game play and technique it is easily repayable. It also has a multiplayer mode that places you within a faction and you help that group survive by collecting food and supplies while defending your territory. The multiplayer requires and online pass that comes when you buy a copy, but you can buy a pass for 10 dollars. This game is brutal in violence and drama. The twists and turns the story takes will surprise you and disappoint. You will grow attached to characters of the game and if they die you will feel responsible. Playing on hard mode there were some times when I felt angered by how many retries I had to do. In hard difficulty supplies and ammo are scarce and I felt like I was always running low and health, ammo, and supplies. My friend played normal difficulty and there was a huge difference in the amount of supplies you find. Normal is for those who wish to play more for the story but with a little bit of a challenge. I did not give this game a ten because of two reasons.

1. The multiplayer is not included with a rented copy.
2. There were a few noticeable glitches with the graphics and occasionally my melee weapon would miss when it clearly should not have.

This game is a must rent, it is a dramatic thriller with lots of action and plot twists. My wife enjoyed watching me play this game and she never allows me to play games while she's around.

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Never left a review . . .

posted by Viper8209 (CLERMONT, FL) Jan 10, 2014

Member since Jun 2011

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I've never left a review on a game and I'm 31 years old however this game deserves a review and I don't even know where to start. This is the best "game" I've ever played and I'm a sports gamer. The story line grips you from beginning to end and the AI is out of this world. This is worth a rent to all of you Gamefly folks and its worth a buy if you want to get a game that's repeatable and not repeatable if you know what I mean? . .

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Game of the Year

posted by giuseppesc (WARREN, MI) Dec 26, 2013

Member since Jun 2004

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This game did well what any good movie would do, and that is that it sucks you in early through acting and story.

While The Last of Us does have all the expected trappings of a zombie apocalypse story, Joel's character is better developed and believable (from a writing standpoint) as a survivor of Dystopia than most characters of this genre tend to be; I would want to be Joel in this setting as opposed to a Rick Grimes.

The voice acting is stellar in the game. For example, Ashley Johnson, as Ellie, hits all the right notes as a teenage girl who is made to grown up much more quickly than she'd like, while still having that typical rebellious teen angst.

The game play is the pretty little bow that ties all of the above compliments together into this fabulous game. The first ten minutes of the game alone gave me so much anxiety. The ending of the first act hits you like a hammer, and I found myself thinking, holy @#$%, I just got here! Can you slow down!? You have just enough time to get your bearings back before everything seems to hit the fan; and whoever is throwing it at that point, be it fate or consequence, has a shoulder that never seems to get tired throughout the rest of the game. It's also great to note that, of the various groups of antagonists in this game, none of those groups can be approached the same way. This keeps the game from getting repetitive and makes you have to turn the switch, depending on your opponent(s). What works as a viable tactic against the thoughtless, enraged, infected humans does not work against necessarily well against the bandits and thugs who cooperate with one another to box you in or smoke you out of your hiding spot.

There is a lot to say in praise of this game that would also act to spoil the surprises that are vital to the arc of the story, so I will relent. Play this game and go along for the ride. The treat is not that you get to pick where you are going, but, you do get to pick exactly how you get there.

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