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GF Rating


Amazing Game, must purchase

posted by zzetagundam (HOUSTON, TX) Jun 23, 2013

Member since Jul 2012

If you love stealth games and story driven narratives then this game is for you. It has amazing characters in an amazing world with amazing graphics and backstory. Purchasing this will help the developers get even more funds to make better games in the future.

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GF Rating


Jaw dropping

posted by tsulli2005 (FRANKLIN, TN) Jun 23, 2013

Member since Feb 2012

I have no complaints about this game and I can be rather critical. The graphics are gorgeous from the landscapes to people and the expressions they make. Their movement is fluid as are the controls. The games story is best in show, voice acting is fantastic from start to end. Enemy AI is difficult and smart. There's limited bullets, and scavenger parts throughout. the game teaches u to be careful and is very emmersing. Its survival at its best constantly making you watching as u plan out bow reach gour deatination with the limited supies you have. using any means neccessary to survive. You feel like your Joel, its tense and one false move could spell doom. This game is so well done from start to finish. It's the best game I've ever played. I haven't had a gaming experience that did survival so well through gameplay, story and voice acting. U can't heal automatically u have to take meds out of your backpack (same with crafting) which adds to suspense during fighting. The dialogue in game is engaging and you watch the players grow before your eyes. It's a game you won't want to put down until its over and then it even stills leaves you begging for more. Top to bottom this is the best game I've ever played and I've played a lot. Perfect 10 lives up to the hype. Don't miss this one

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GF Rating


Best Possible Swan Song for PS3!

posted by csj0341 (SANTA MARIA, CA) Jun 22, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

- Naughty Dog is incapable of creating an uninteresting plot. Just as the Uncharted series scratched that adventurer itch in us, The Last of Us scratched the "make me want to cry while simultaneously terrifying me" itch? Many people are gonna be split about the end of the journey but, this will keep you engaged throughout the whole experience with characters that feel like real people just trying to do what needs to be done in this hellish yet gorgeous apocalyptic setting.

- This has to be the best Stealth/Action Game that I have played in a long time. It rewards you when you are successful in being stealthy and properly punishes you when haphazardly running and gunning. The gunplay is tight and realistic for someone who is trying to shoot a terrifying zombie-esque creature that is sprinting toward you! The melee combat is as brutal as it comes. The A.I. is great at taking care of themselves and assisting you where it matters, never feeling like a hand holding mission. The crafting on the go with found supplies adds depth, along with the limited resources, causing you to make the hard choice between making a Molotov to help with Clickers or a Health Pack to heal yourself should things go south.

- The online, if you purchase the pass, is an awesome twist on Deathmatch & Survivor Modes with gameplay from the Single Player pulled in seamlessly, including the crafting system and stealth gameplay. The clan Meta-Game is a nice addition as well, rewarding a more pro-active approach to gameplay to eliminate too many stationary "campers", needing to engage up close and collect loot from bodies. Playing as a Team is a Must!

- Great story that will engage you and bring the feels
- Combat that rewards thinking players
- Breathtaking Scenery
- Voice Actors are AAA
- Multiplayer is a new take on common deathmatch genre

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