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GF Rating


A new standard in storytelling.

posted by DXfan98 (CREOLA, AL) Jun 17, 2013

Member since Jan 2010

The Last of Us is an emotional thrill ride that is superb in almost every aspect. Let's break it down...

Story: 10/10
The Last of Us tells the truly emotional story between the journey of a man, broken with grief, and a girl, who has never lived a normal life. As they make their way across the post-apocalypse to reach their goal, they slowly but surely bond and become one of the greatest video game duos of all time. The dialogue is brilliant, as each character's personality is very well developed and captured by the astoundingly great voice acting.

Tech: 9/10
The graphics speak for themselves. You can tell at first glance that this game looks excellent, even with 7 year old hardware. The sound is also great, and the ambient noises really capture the atmosphere. But the AI does have it's issues. While enemy AI is near perfect, the AI of the people you work with is not so great. They create noise and run in front of enemies. Thankfully, this does not blow your cover. But that just means that it messes with the realism of this game.

Design: 9/10
The world itself is rather bland, and nothing really sticks out. However, this is the post-apocalypse. So it's hard to make an interesting world with that theme. But the world design is good in terms of atmosphere and emotion. The sound, as I said before, makes the creepy atmosphere that really sets the tone of this game. And the things that happen around you during the first 30 or so minutes of the game tell a great background story of how bad it really is, and immerses you in the game greatly. The level design is also quite good.. There isn't really anything to complain about in that aspect, as the levels provide enough hidden areas and routes to keep the stealth interesting. Speaking of stealth, the gameplay is astounding. Especially when in combat. And lastly, the replayability. That is very high as well, because there are a lot of hard to find things to collect on the side, encouraging you to play several time

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GF Rating


One of the best games, PERIOD.

posted by RcKDrUmm3R (WEST MILFORD, NJ) Jun 17, 2013

Member since Feb 2012

I can't stress enough how amazing the Last Of Us is. Naughty Dog took the Uncharted franchise, changed it into a brand new game and raised the bar to a whole new level. This GAME has amazing enviorments, an atmosphere that sucks you in, gameplay that is top-notch and a story that has you paying attention to every single detail like you are on adderall. After playing through several hours of this game and encountering many of the "zombies" and human enemies. I'd have to describe the Last of Us more as a survival/action game then survival horror. There didn't seem to be any moments where I jumped out of my seat or that scared me to death. That is not to say sequences with the infected don't keep you on the edge of your seat!! As far as the problems in the game: they are minor and can be easily overlooked. Yes, Elllie, Tess and other companions can get in your way, walk directly in front of enemies like they are invisible, and controlling/strafing behind a wall with Joel can be a little annoying but seriously, nothing is perfect. Everyone should have The Last of Us in their Q's, shopping carts and def. in their Playstation 3's! You owe yourself to experience it for yourself!!

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GF Rating


GOTY 2013

posted by Goteldridge (BROWNS MILLS, NJ) Jun 16, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

No doubt about it this game will be Game of the Year for 2013.

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