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Sick Game!

posted by hoodwink (GLOVERSVILLE, NY) Jun 29, 2013

Member since Nov 2008

Great story, great game play! everything about it was great! play it you will love it!!

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Great game just wish it was longer

posted by travelle (HOUSTON, TX) Jun 29, 2013

Member since May 2009

Game play is about 15 hours or so. It was a great game while it lasted though it can get repetitive. Great rent and only reason I would buy is maybe for future DLC

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Berzerko flaw in multiplayer terribly mars game

posted by FitzMadrid (TEMPE, AZ) Jun 29, 2013

Member since Aug 2008

The multiplayer for The Last of Us contains a flaw so shocking that there is no way it could be an oversight which demands that its a cruel hubristic choice by the designers.

Any player of on-line gaming knows they are subject to many challenges like connectivity, exploiters, and dysfunctional match making. And when faced with these problems, a gamer can simply choose to play at a later time.

In the multilayer of TLOU, there is a mini-game of sorts where a virtual clan of survivors grows or shrinks with your in game performance. Its an interesting way to hand out small perks and in this is the fun killing design choice from Naughty Dog.

If you clan reaches zero population, you loose you unlockables and have to start from the beginning.

Zero population can come through many ways but the most capricious are extermination events where if you dont kill X with Y weapons over three games, your clan can be wiped out.

If you are playing a game and stop for ANY reason, that counts as a session. If your connection times out--too bad that counts. Dropped in with players of a wildly different skill level--too bad that counts. Tormented by seeing the same map three times in a row--too bad that counts. Accidentally press a wrong button--too bad that counts.

Getting killed and farmed by someone exploiting terrain and boosting: Too Bad. That Counts.

And now all your unlocks are gone and your trophy progress is reset.

Its not fun. Its takes player progress away from the gamer and rewards not skillful game play but rather random chance.

The campaign of TLOU set in a very dangerous and challenging word works because of its intelligently designed and generous check point system. They can make a game so filled with danger because the player is never punished by endless replays.

The mulitplayer completely rejects this and kills the fun and entertainment of the one thing that gives games replay value once the story is ended.

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