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One of the best PS3 exclusives hands down

posted by phhowell (PLAYA DEL REY, CA) Jul 17, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

The Last of Us stands up with the Uncharted and God of War franchises. If you have a PS3, this is an absolute must play.

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posted by ImZ3RO (ORANGE, CA) Jul 17, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

I bought this game on a whim and boy was it worth it. I never thought I'd give a game perfect score but this game has great character development and realistic game play. Please play this game or buy it because if you like games with an awesome story like Heavy Rain but with real game play and not just a movie game than this is for you. It's not real simplistic but it's not difficult to grasp. It's easy to get into and it hits you hard. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you might wet yourself if you think you're invincible and aren't afraid of anything. I had one tiny problem with this game. It glitched on me once and that was it. You can restart an encounter meaning a fight that's about to hit the fan once you make your move, which is brilliant. You can make weapons reinforce them and everything. Such as med kits, molotov cocktails. other things that go boom, and melee weapons. This is my first written review and I had to do it because this game deserves it immensely. The people at Naughty Dog really out done themselves. It's gorgeous, you feel in the game literally. Every shot, punch, explosion, and event feels powerful. I'm 11 hours or so and I hope it never ends. I'm a very diverse gamer that plays everything. And I mean everything. People into COD, I get that. People into Fighters, Racing, Adventure, RPG's, Platformers and sandbox games as well I totally get. I've had a xbox 360 and now I have a PS3. Let me tell you. From Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo, Demon Souls, to Heavy Rain, Uncharted (which was okay but haven't played the rest :/ ), and now The Last of Us exclusive to the PS3. Like the others I mentioned. It's a game especially like this one that makes you go, WOW! I need a PS3. The story is nothing short of amazing just as it progresses. You got to be smart. Pick your point of attacks and even avoid contact at times if you can because it's VERY REALISTIC! You can be stealthy or gun ho but I'd advise against it. 1 of my favorite games ever. PLAY THIS

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near perfection

posted by cruzinho (IMPERIAL BEACH, CA) Jul 16, 2013

Member since Apr 2005

This games is just awesome ,
+the story is one of the best out there , i usually dont get attach to characters in games but i did on this one ,
+graphics superb , i used to say that uncharted had one of the best graphics for ps3 games , this is by the same guys so there alike but this one outshines over uncharted , especially in the cutscenes ,
+gameplay , ok here i wasnt that happy at first cuz i dont usually like stealth games i like to shoot everything around , and in this one u cant be shooting like a maniac , so for the first 2 hours or so i wasnt really feeling the game hiding all the time , waiting for my moment to strike , but its not really that hard (on normal) then i started getting better and started to grab more guns , (but later on the game even though i have more guns i still was playing stealthy , shooting only when need it ) , by the end of the game i was having so much fun and wishing at the end of each chapter that there was more .
- now the only 2 things that made me not give it a perfect 10 , the AI ur partner even though they help u in battles , is always on your way , sometimes u are hiding on a corner waiting for the bad guy to come and theres the AI exactly in the same spot ur in , also sometimes the bad guys are looking for u and ur partner goes running in front of them and they wont do nothing (i understand that the game is made that they have to see you but it takes some of the realistic elements from the game)
-and the worst thing not related to gameplay or anything is the gamepass to play online , i cant comment on multiplayer so i can give it a perfect score then ,
There u have it , anyone with a ps3 or even anyone that loves videogames should give this one a chance im pretty sure u will end up loving it as i did .

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