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GF Rating


This is survival at it's finest.

posted by Sideshow (JACINTO CITY, TX) Jun 15, 2013

Member since Sep 2004

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Let me just start off by saying that it is absolutely mind boggling what Naughty Dog is capable of accomplishing with the PS3. From the moment I started playing the Last of Us I couldn't step away from it and for me that means a game truly has my attention. It's a true piece of art and it's one of the few survival games out there that does survival right. I could write a whole essay about why The Last of Us is such a high achievement for ND and Sony but instead I will just highlight a few of the things that truly make this game great.

Joel and Ellie - The development of their bond is what really drives this game in my opinion. As to be expected, Joel isn't to thrilled about escorting 14 year old Ellie to her destination but it's really fun to see their bond be forged overtime with each experience they go through.

Audio - Do yourself a favor and play this game with a headset. It's not mandatory that you play with one but you won't believe how much it enhances the experience. The ambient noise in some of the buildings you go into will freak you out.

Atmosphere - Believe it or not this game feels like more of horror game at time than most other so-called horror games do. There will be a ton of moments where you will have a genuine moment of panic. The atmosphere plus the ambient noise I talked about really raises the game's creepiness factor at certain moments.

True Survival - Buyer be warned. DO NOT expect a "shoot em up" kind of game. Resources are scarce so you always have to be sure you're looking around for whatever you can scrounge up and use. And you always have to decide how to approach a combat situation. You won't ever have a ton of ammo so you either have to make every shot count or find another way of getting things done.

Visuals - Lastly, the visuals of this game really have a kind of somber look to them. I guess you can say it's a beautiful kind of sadness. I'm sure we have all come to expect that kind of visual quality from Naughty Dog

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GF Rating


The greatest game the PS3 has ever produced.

posted by ptrac (HICKSVILLE, NY) Jun 20, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

43 out of 47 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

Get immersed! Intense story, great realistic gameplay, emotionally impactful, challenging, deep and visually stunning. There's so much to like here. The game just excels in every area it tries its hand at. Aspects of this game will make you think you're playing on a 4th generation console. This is not for guns a blazing Call of Duty heads. This is for people who want a realistic experience, who want to literally feel a part of a story and get taken away on a long adventure. There's is nothing to dislike about this game. I can't think of any game that has gone to the level of perfecting a true gameplay experience like this has. This is a no-brainer for best game of 2013. And probably best game of the PS3 generation. Naughty Dog has impressed for years with its Uncharted series of games. But, the experience from The Last of Us surpasses any of their previous efforts on every front. Forget renting, This game merits a full purchase.

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GF Rating


The Last of Greatness

posted by StarRaven (LAKE WORTH, FL) Jun 14, 2013

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2011

49 out of 55 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

Seriously, why are you even reading this? Have you not already been convinced to play this game. Rather, you should own it.

This game is the last and most pure testament to just how powerful this generation, and specifically the PS3 is and what it's capable of. Graphics, animations, story are all flawless across the board.
From the very beginning, you're hooked. Not long after, goosebumps, everywhere and before you even get to the title screen, you're probably holding back tears.
This game will throw you around like you wouldn't believe. From hair raises nervousness as you try to avoid an impeding confrontation to enduring the emotions of a savage world where things are continuously getting worse and worse as hope and luck plummet to further into lower and lower depths. It's absolutely grueling and the game is masterful at conveying it onto the player like no other.

If you even remotely "like" video games, even a little bit. You are required to play this game. Period.

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