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GF Rating


Not fun at all for me

posted by musicdevine (VALLEJO, CA) Nov 15, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

I simply didnt like it. I couldnt tell most times what I was doing to move forward in the game, how I was accumulating currency or much else for that matter. It was rated pretty high, so maybe I just didn't know what I was doing. Had it one day and sent it back.

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lights, camera, script? ... exit stage left..

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Sep 22, 2012

Member since May 2010

It is Better than Skyward sword, or final fantasy 13, but sadly that does not say much... Playing this game is like playing Final fantasy X and final fantasy 13 after the two were put through a blender, and given a morality system that resembles the Simpsons... Yes, i am talking about one of your fellow mercenaries who have more than their own share of faults, as one of them is a heavy drinker-who thinks than the booze taste best when you can't taste anything! Yes, there is a sense of humour.. As far as the basic structure of the game goes it boils down to a fairly linear affair..
Which is why I rate it as I do.. I lke characters that You, as the player are free to mold, of which this game does not have... You get a group of predetermined characters, to play through the game with.. The graphics are good, and the story seems to be well driven, so if you like that sort of thing great, then give it ba rent.. I, however, am not a fan of strong story driven games... This game has auto-fight, but, thankfully, you CAN shut it off, and go to manual mode in the options menu.. This game also supports the Wii classic controller which is also good...
This game is still not for everyone, though.. Give it a rent, and see for yourself!

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GF Rating

Above Average

The Last Story; a tried-and-true nostalgia ride.

posted by Otaking09 (COOS BAY, OR) Aug 24, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

The best thing I can say about The Last Story is that it is one of the better tributes of better FF-class experiences. It uses the Wii with restraint (meaning that the controls require no motion-based action) as a simple means to remind old/new fans that classic, elegant fantasy epics can be fun... but, compared to its fiercest rival in gaming - i.e. "The Element of Choice" (which has stolen spotlights in nearly every U.S. RPG like the Mass Effect series, the Deus Ex series, the Traveler's Tales' Walking Dead series, and even the interactive drama Heavy Rain), The Last Story simply NEEDED more than tried-and-true questing.

Mistwalker's goal to produce old-fashioned RPG classics of yester-decade is daunting, but its characters are so straightforward (fleshing is too convenient, too pretentious, and too few in between), the story so basic ("I want to protect everyone I love!" just can't support an epic), the mythos and room for expansion so timid and downplayed (even after playing almost 2/3's of the way, I learned nothing that widened eyes or quickened blood activity), that it makes its greatest aspect, the mostly effective combat system (very innovative for RPG's on a whole yet it too never expands too much), spew uneven pacing creating an overtly rushed "get-to-point" frolick that feels eventually soulless in the midst of its action = pre-FF6 entries; very basic characters that let the story dictate them wholly instead of the other way around. Most who played FF7, 10, or Xenogears might remember how the cast of each entry eventually took charge of their goals and chose to bend their worlds to their wills = a true epic experience in this honest fan's opinion.

Uematsu's score is too subdued to make the rich visuals dazzle and infect minds as they did a decade ago but that probably still extends to the characters.
Sidequests are listless in contribution; beat 'em ups, "do this and 'dat"s, typical stuff.

Don't mistake for a classic, but enjoy a cozy time-caps

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