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The Last Story Is A Real Sleeper...

posted by CriticalPunch (ATHENS, GA) Aug 26, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

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I tell you what, I put this game in my Wii drive, and it put me to sleep no longer than 2 hours of gameplay. Where did it go wrong? Let's start with the boring controls. You don't attack, you just run up to an enemy and it attacks for you. Simple enough, right? Well each character gets five lives, so if you have been playing RPGs these past 10 years, you will not die, ever.


Boring, but better gameplay than NMH 1 & 2.

Voice Acting:

Atrocious. XSEED didn't take the time to change the PAL voices to USA voices. What this means is that when it was localized, they pretty much just ported it over from the UK version, doing absolutely nothing different. This game came out six months ago in the UK, they've had six months to make changes to this game to localize it in the US.

The voices don't follow the lips. It's like watching the old Godzilla movies in English. What's worse? It's poorly translated. Japanese people don't call their moms 'Mummy'. The acting is terrible in general, not just the voices, but the characters.

The fact that you can speed through the annoying cutscenes of everyone by holding A (A does everything in this game) is great, because even after doing so, the game is still utterly boring.

BGM Arrangement:

The only thing this game has going for it, the music.


Pretty boring. I can think of a few other wii games that have more interesting multiplayer than this one. Honestly, I'd rather spend my time playing those games instead.

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I never thought much of wii games

posted by Admittedknight6 (PORTAGE, IN) Mar 7, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

Aside from The Last Story I had only played Skyward Sword on the Wii. I had read some mixed reviews of the game early on and when I got a Game fly account this was actually the first game I rented.
It did not disappoint. Sure the visuals were a little fuzzy but the action was fast paced and the story kept me entertained the whole way through. I hope to see more games similar to this one in the future. Probably won't be seeing any sequels, but then again look at Final Fantasy.

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An Underrated Hit

posted by Lowenberg2013 (CARMEL, IN) Sep 24, 2013

Member since Sep 2013

I found this game while just looking through the list of games, renting it for the heck of it and not expecting much out of it. Days later, I was asking my parents if I can purchase it. This game was different from most RPGs in the way it cleverly blends the dungeons and battlefields into each level, giving you near-complete freedom to roam around even during a battle. The game featured an auto-attack function, but it is possible to switch it to manual if it doesn't suit your liking. The characters featured in the game were very well developed in terms of personality and backstory, and the storyline was brilliant and naturally flowed with little gaps or overlaps. That's what I personally look for in a game. The overall story and gameplay was enjoyable, so I was disappointed when it ended, but [spoiler] was pleased to find you can replay the story on a different file with everything you had gained from the last play through, including weapons, powers, and level gains, and the difficulty being increased. [spoiler end.] Of course, this game, like all games, has notable flaws. The animations were a little stag, with both movements and character mouth movement poorly done. Also, the game could have had more open world capability and more warning before a new mission starts. Also, there could have been an optional feature of replaying specific chapters, escalating from simply revisiting dungeons. The multiplayer was good, giving you the option to even play as NPCs, which was fun. Overall, the game was a great variation for its genre and highly recommended by me. I also recommend Xseed to make a sequel.

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