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The Hulk


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Also on:PS2, Xbox
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Gameplay Controls

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The Hulk

Control Stick Movement. Double tap in a direction to dash or evade.
A Button Jump/Crouch
B Button Punch
X Button Action
Y Button Gamma
L Button Free look
R Button Target
C Stick Change target
Combo #1 COMBAT: B (hold for stronger attack) = Left Hook. B, B (hold for stronger attack) = Right Hook. B, B, B (hold for stronger attack) = Backhand. B, B, delay, B = Gut Punch. B, B, delay, B, B = Right Jab. B, B, delay, B, B, B = Overhead Smash. B + Y = Overhead Smash. Y (hold for stronger attack) = Sonic Clap. B, Y = 2-Handed Upper. B, B, Y = Punt Kick. B, B, Y, B = Hammer Fist. Left, B (hold for stronger attack) while targeting = Rising Upper. Right, Right = Dash. Right, Right, B = Dashing Punch. Right, B while targeting = Dashing Punch.
Combo #2 JUMP ATTACKS: A, B (hold for stronger attack) = Gamma Crusher. A, Y (hold for stronger attack) = Gamma Stomp.
Combo #3 GRAPPLES: X = Grab. Small Enemies: X = Toss, B, B, B = Combo Throw. Y = Gamma Slam, A, X = Jumping Throw. Large Enemies: X = Toss, Y = Backbreaker, B = Slam, B (hold for stronger attack) = Double Slam.
Combo #4 POLES: X = Pick Up Pole, X = Throw Pole, B = Downward Swing, B, B = Upward Swipe, B, B, Y = Baseball Swing, Right, B = Battering Ram, Y = Overhead Smash.
Combo #5 HEAVY OBJECTS: X = Pick Up Object, X = Throw Object, B = Smash, Y = Swing.
Combo #6 RAGE ATTACKS: Y + X = Super Sonic Clap. A + Y = Super Overhand Smash.
Combo #7 BRUCE BANNER CONTROLS: Stealth and Evasive Moves: A = Crouch, Right, A = Diveroll, Right, Right = Diveroll. World Interaction: Press the Y Button to manipulate interactive objects within the world. Crate: Right = Clamber, Y (facing crate) = Grab/Release Crate, Left (grabbed) = Pull Crate, Right (grabbed) = Push Crate. Combat: B = Left Hook. B, B = Right Hook. B, B, B = Uppercut. X = Grab Enemy.