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The Hulk

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Also on:Xbox, GC
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Gameplay Controls

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The Hulk

Directional Buttons Movement
X Button Jump/Crouch
Triangle Button Gamma/Action
Square Button Punch
Circle Button Grab
L1 Button Free Look
R1 Button Target
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Movement
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Change target
Combo #1 COMBAT: Square (hold for stronger attack) = Left Hook. Square, Square (hold for stronger attack) = Right Hook. Square, Square, Square (hold for stronger attack) = Backhand. Square, Square, delay, Square = Gut Punch. Square, Square, delay, Square, Square = Right Jab. Square, Square, delay, Square, Square, Square = Overhead Smash. Square + Triangle = Overhead Smash. Triangle = Sonic Clap. Square, Triangle = 2-Handed Upper. Square, Square, Triangle = Punt Kick. Square, Square, Triangle, Square = Hammer Fist. Left, Triangle (hold for stronger attack) while targeting = Rising Upper. Right = Dash. Right, Right, Square = Dashing Punch.
Combo #2 JUMP ATTACKS: X, Square (hold for stronger attack) = Gamma Crusher. X, Triangle (hold for stronger attack) = Gamma Stomp.
Combo #3 GRAPPLES: Circle = Grab. Small Enemies: Circle = Toss, Square, Square, Square = Combo Throw. Triangle = Gamma Slam, X, Circle = Jumping Throw. Large Enemies: Circle = Toss, Triangle = Backbreaker, Square = Slam, Square (hold for stronger attack) = Double Slam.
Combo #4 CLUBS: Circle = Pick Up Club, Circle = Throw Club, Square = Downward Swing, Square, Square = Upward Swipe, Square, Square, Triangle = Baseball Swing, Right, Square while targeting = Battering Ram, Triangle = Overhead Smash.
Combo #5 HEAVY OBJECTS: Circle = Pick Up Object, Circle = Throw Object, Square = Smash, Triangle = Swing.
Combo #6 RAGE ATTACKS: Triangle + Circle = Super Sonic Clap. Square + Triangle = Super Overhead Smash.
Combo #7 BRUCE BANNER CONTROLS: Stealth and Evasive Moves: X = Crouch, Right, X while running = Diveroll, Right, Right = Diveroll. World Interaction: Press the Triangle Button to manipulate interactive objects within the world. Crate: Right = Clamber, Triangle (facing crate) = Grab/Release Crate, Left (grabbed) = Pull Crate, Right (grabbed) = Push Crate. Combat: Square = Left Hook. Square, Square = Right Hook. Square, Square, Square = Uppercut. Circle = Grab Enemy.