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Nippon Ichi What happened to you?

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Feb 24, 2014

Member since May 2010

This game tries desperately to fit in with the diablo series, but alas, it falls woefully short.. This games animation is so outdated that other older games in the NIS library look far newer by comparison.. The plot is a train wreck that is eager to happen.. Put simply, the angels needs a god, but you aren't like Jehovah the Holy Father, or anything like zeus, but rather more like one of those disposable items gods of the Nippon Ichi universe..
All your power lies in your items all 5 of them including both arms, legs head and accessory(not accessories as in plural form, but one lone accessory)... But your weapons don't have a basic attack that is unique.. Your basic attack is to punch enemies whether you are carrying a gun or a knife.. Weapons only have but one ability per an item, and as for weapon items I.E. arm items there are 62 in the entire game with most of them locked... This is what happens when you make a rushed budget diablo clone. The angels that serve you are not really angels either.. They are a sect known as the white winged demons.. The being called the Creator made the black winged demons, who called themselves devils and they killed the Creator. many of the black wings became white wings, because they had gotten into a philosophical debate.. In this game these demons can shift sides at the drop of a hat.. The seven white wings that supposedly serve you are based on the 7 deadly sins.. Sigh, and there is a bird mascot that plans to eat you if you don't do what your told.. The protagonist was luckless before and he is just as unlucky even after he became god.. He got dragged into an eternal war where his life is constantly being put at risk.. This game is trying to be a tragic comedy, but it really just turns out to be just plain tragic... Controls are awkward at first but you get used to them.. Despite the good there is still plenty wrong with this game.. try before you buy you have been warned..

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Good graphics but bad dialogue

posted by Jetknight (CLEVELAND, OH) Jun 20, 2014

Member since Nov 2008

I have to admit the graphics, the music of this game are great but what turned me down and I mean down was the dialogue. I did not like at all that they use the name of God for profanity in this game at all times. I am sure the Japanese dialogue is totally different from what is translated in the English version of this game. If you're into religion like I am please keep your children far away from this game. I will rate it a 5 based on the graphics and music only.

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Fun game

posted by Crell77 (DELTA, CO) Jan 28, 2014

Member since Oct 2012

this is a fun game, but the spike in difficulty and lack of a difficulty selection ruins the fun factor.

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