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The Godfather: The Game


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Also on:Xbox 360, Xbox
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Very Good

The Godfather of Games

posted by Notathug (CHICAGO, IL) Apr 12, 2006

Member since Dec 2002

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What can I say about this game to convey how good it is. It recreates the storyline made famous in the movies. It plays like Grand Theft Auto. You make a male character of your own with a pretty decent create a character. A huge sprawling city to explore walk, drive, or run. There are garbage cans, fruit carts and flock of pigeons. All the weapons and autos are fit for time period. Music adds to experience to make you feel like you're really in the movie. As you progress through the game the citizens and gain respect people walking the street apologize when they bump into you, greet with you respect etc. If you don't want to follow the storyline right away you can get side missions or take over the city one business at a time. A trusty map to check where you need to go and where everything is. Many available save points make it a lot easier to save your progress. I was greatly impressed with the graphic quality of the PS2 version so I'm sure it looks even better on XBOX 360. Up close you character might not be as highly detailed as the game characters but he doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. It's just one the games I couldn't bring myself to stop playing. If you haven't seen the movie go and buy it or rent it first. This game will spoil it for you. This game is a keeper I'll probably end up keeping it. It lives up to hype.

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A first glimpse of Godfather

posted by HoodGamer (BROOKLYN, NY) Apr 27, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

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I finally got a chance to play "Godfather the Game" from EA and immediately I was impressed. Right off the top I was thrown into the Godfather world. From sound effects, music and visuals to AI interactions, Godfather was a different game. GTA knock off? Yup. But with its own identity. The grappling system alone made it stand out and with the flow of the scripting and freeplay, I was hooked.
Downside? Driving gets bit annoying because of awkward mechanics and I couldn't recruit any mobsters as with most previous mob linked games. The controls take some getting used to and the aiming system could be better.

Final Words

If your a fan of the Godfather movies or into mobster themes Godfather is a must. If your a fan of FREE ROAM gaming Godfather is a must. If you just wanna see New York in the 50's Godfather is a must.

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A whole new direction.

posted by ikeredwolf (BLOOMINGTON, IN) Apr 13, 2006

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Member since May 2004

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Any attempt to compare this game to Grand Theft Auto is a mistake. The beauty of this game is that its broken new ground. The designers/developers have found a game format that gamers love in the engine that drive the GTA style, but they have expanded the engine to include an actually enjoyable story. This game does not encourage anti-social behavior in the game world instead it expects the player to make decisions based on a much more elaborate set of game circumstances. But mechanics aside, and I do have a few issues with the mechanics, its the development of movie characters into game characters that has opened new doors. I am considerably more excited to see the new Scarface game as a result of what I've seen in this game. I can hope that half of the movies Id like to see made in this format come about. This game is much more role playing intensive then the GTA series because of the Upgrade system, no longer are you as tough as the gun in your hand. The opportunities to act outside of the framework of the story make each game session unique. As an actual review of the games pros and cons, here are my opinions; Pro: The upgrade system. Con: The under used driving element. Pro: Movie authenticity. Con: The story line is too linear. Pro: Replayablity, there is no way to play this game the same way twice. Con: Lack of convincing death throes. I guess I could go on but Id rather get back to the game.

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