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The Godfather: Mob Wars


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Gameplay Controls

The Godfather: Mob Wars

Directional Buttons Up = Reveal Weapon. Reload. Down = Conceal Weapon. Left/Right = Switch Weapons.
X Button Fire Weapon. Throw Explosive.
Triangle Button Talk. Action. Vault. Sprint (Tap Repeatedly).
Square Button Execute
Circle Button Wall Cover
L Button Lock-On Target (Hold). Switch Lock-On Target (Tap).
R Button Center Camera. Free-Aim Targeting.
Start Button Pause
Analog Stick Movement. Precision Targeting.
Select Button Objectives
Combo #1 R Button + Analog Stick = Move Camera

Combo #1 L Button + Circle = Pull Fist Back. Press X Button for a Quick Hit.
Combo #2 L Button + Circle, X Button = Power Attack
Combo #3 L Button + R Button = Grab

Analog Stick Drag
Combo #1 Directional Button Right + Square Button = Strangle
Combo #2 Square Button (Hold) + Analog Stick Left or Right = Swing
Combo #3 Analog Stick Down = Lift to Feet
Combo #4 Square + Analog Stick (In Direction of Wall or Object) = Slam
Combo #5 Square, Analog Stick Up, Up = Throw Over Ledge