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The Cursed Crusade


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Don't listen to 'em, I tell ya!

posted by KJB123 (DEBARY, FL) Aug 7, 2014

Member since May 2012

This game was... fun! I loved the fighting, the fact that you can use any combination of one handed weapons (mace and an axe, or an axe and sword, etc.), and the story, believe it or not. And I love a solid story in a game. I will say there was a glitch in the beginning movie that made me giggle, and there are some bugs, but the fighting felt fluid.

Dear gamers, take this advice to heart. Rely on your own instincts, read SEVERAL reader reviews and not the critics, and know that just because a game has a 5 or 6, it shouldn't be cast aside!

The Cursed Crusade has a 5. A 5? Come on! It deserves a 7, at least a 6. After 5 or 6 hours, I took it back because I wanted to rent another game, but this game is fun. I've been gaming since age 4 (1994) when Doom was released on the MS DOS program. If I had a dollar for every game I've played... well, ya know.

Open your hearts to all genres not just FPS. Have an open mind, not just for the solid stories. After all, a true gamer dabbles and dips, goes beyond their comfort zone. Truly, life is too short to not have variety. Especially in gaming!

So... get some confidence, take a risk, and give The Cursed Crusade a couple hours of your time. Mayhaps you'll enjoy it ;)

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GF Rating


So So

posted by JamesSmithe (LANCASTER, KS) Jan 19, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

Alright, so I got this demo online and fell in love, I loved the combat system, the graphics, even the overtly cheesey dialog. So I rented it with the plan to buy. Not happening. The storyline was a repeat of itself over and over again. There are numerous glitches, the combat degrades to you just wacking another guy until his armor falls off and you can stab him in the face. I was really disappointed. I really wanted to like this game.

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Really Bad

Could Not Figure it Out ( how to advance )

posted by Billy1234744 (SAMSON, AL) Jul 14, 2013

Member since Feb 2012

I rented this game by default, ( it was in my game Q because of Assassins Creed ) I could not even hardly get started with this game because I got stuck and could not figure out how to get past that point. I tried for hours until I finally gave up. I was just at the beginning too. There were not even any instructions at the begining to explain something like there usually are. I guess it had a limited budget, but still you have to fill the player in on what to do. I just said to heck with it and sent it back. Thats why I belong to Game-Fly, rent them instead of buying, until you try them out.

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