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The Cursed Crusade


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Also on:Xbox 360
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Gameplay Controls

The Cursed Crusade
Directional Button
Up = Equip One-Handed Weapon. Switch One-Handed Weapon. Left = Equip Two-Handed Weapon. Right = Equip Dual-Wielded Weapons. Switch Dual-Wielded Weapons. Down = Equip Ranged Weapon.
Left Analog Stick
Right Analog Stick
Move Camera. Aim Ranged Weapon.
X Button
Contextual Action
Square Button
Horizontal Attack
Triangle Button
Vertical Attack
Circle Button
Guard Break. Dodge Guard Break.
L1 Button
Enter/Exit the Templar's Curse
L2 Button
Zoom with Ranged Weapon. Ready Templar's Curse Power.
L3 Button
Display Mission and Weapon Information
R1 Button
Command Partner
R2 Button
Parry. Deflection Counter. Fire Ranged Weapon.
R3 Button
Center Camera
Start Button
Pause Menu
Select Button
Upgrades Menu
Purifying Fire
Fire Maelstrom
Roaring Flames
Invigorating Aura