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Above Average

This game suffers from identity crisis.

posted by Zerodin (MOUNTAIN VIEW, MO) Jun 1, 2012

Member since Feb 2006

They nailed the game-play on this one, and the visuals are above the standard Wii fare, but it features a very convoluted plot. It can't make up it's mind whether its a Halo clone, an espionage drama, or Men in Black. The level designs are also very boring. If you can find it really cheap or absolutely must play every shooter on the Wii, go ahead and get it.

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GF Rating


The worst controls in an fops

posted by airstriker747 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Dec 25, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

I hate it because of the controls because why can't you just use the classic remote. I mean come on Sega u can do better than that. This ga,e disappointed me. But buy the sequel cause it's better.

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conduit #1 you wont stop playing online very fun

posted by Athena123 (MILWAUKEE, WI) Aug 29, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

The conduit is very fun i cant say it to much fun offline considering its to hard offline i only got to the third level (by the way there are nine levels in the hole game) but you will have alot of fun on online mode therse free for all (everyone is on there own) team blue team vs red team) and team objective match (you have to complete stuff and keep the other team out of your way. even though conduit one is fun the controls aren't to bad its just they have control settings its just you have to keep messing with the controls menu until you find the controls that are right for you but again the only trouble with this game is the controls but its very fun. there is a second conduit that came out 4/15/11 but you should really play conduit one first,i mean with story mode you run around shooting ailens but online mode is really fun if you get conduit one you should always play online and you can use wii speak to talk to people too.

conduit one 9/10
10/10 online play
3/10 offline play

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