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posted by Nate512 (SANTA MARIA, CA) Aug 6, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

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This game really supersede me, i expected it to be as bad as the average reviews were saying. But it was enjoyable. Its not often you get to play a game that is just geared toward having fun killing people.

In a sense think of it as a Project Gotham Racing (Bizarre Creations Developed The Club and PGR) game. Sure you can have fun racing but what if a point system was thrown in there too were you can string combos together and pull the biggest score at the end of the race even if you didn't finish 1st.

Well The Club is pretty much that way except you aren't racing rather you are killing people in the best stylized ways you can pull off. Its a great game for some pick up and play once in awhile nothing that is really intended to keep you addicted and attracted to any kind of story line.

The Graphics complement the game rather well, even the characters give off some lifelike look. The Enemy AI is decent enough for what its trying to acommplish (moving targets), and the sound does pack a punch and the music fits rather well with the pacing of the game.

Overall this game should defiantly be rented by any gamer that likes Action games, especially the 3rd person genre. Have fun and go for those Headshots :)

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Very Good

Gears of Team Fortress

posted by foolmanchu (BRISTOL, WI) Feb 20, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2006

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that pretty much sums it up. if you could fuse gears of war (minus the chainsaw gun) and team fortress two (minus the class based play), you'd end up with "the club".

a fast paced third-person shooter, you assume the role of one of the most ellite gunmen caught in the deadliest game ever. now lets take a look at the positives of why this game rocks...
1.third person shooter reminicent of Gears of War. No jumping around like a dork, just sprint, roll, and fire. paced like TF2 with insane weapons to boot.
3.smooth cell shaded graphics do not make this game cartoony.
4.SPLIT SCREEN!!yes, a game with four player splitscreen. a good amount of game modes will have you playing online and/or with your friends four many hours to come.

so we've established why this game is GOOD, but what are some drawbacks to this game?
1.the controll scheme. while not bad, some buttons are placed inconveniently, and selecting a weapond draws fingers away from much needed movement controlls.
2.while jumping can be annoying in a game like this, you will find yourself wishing at points that you were able to at least hop out of the way of that exploding barrel, or flying rocket.

but thats really about it. this is a solid arcade style shooter. definitly next-gen worthy, and a definite buy for gears and fortress fans. between the twisted and dark characters(nemo is one of the most disturbing characters i've encounterd in a while) and the descent level design, this game is good for any shooter fan.

just remember to keep your kill multiplyer up....keep your head down, and your ammo count high, and you should be just fine. now grab your mouse a click "rent it"....and welcome to "the club".

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Welcome to the Club

posted by Flint879 (ALTOONA, PA) Jul 6, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

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-Simple concept, all you do is run around and shoot people
-Controls are easy and responsive
-Moderately addictive
-Nice range of levels


-Graphics are decent but not anything special
-Enemy AI is sort of dull and lackluster
-Very repetitive
-Characters have no upgradablity

The Club is a pretty decent game if you are into mindless running and shooting. The game is set up as a tournament where you compete with all the characters, running around killing people gains you points, the more people you kill, the higher your multiplier gets and the points you get. Very simple concept, but the games you play don't ever change such as: survive until time runs out and score as many points as possible, race to the exit whilst scoring massive points, etc. Besides the repetitive game play and the enemy AI being kind of dumb, The Club is still an entertaining game to play for a little while. Definitely recommend renting before buying.

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