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The Clique: Diss and Make Up


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GF Rating



posted by Silvara (SAN MARTIN, CA) Sep 2, 2009

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Really easy game. Basically you're the new girl in school and have to join all the cliques in order to be invited to the party at the end of the week. Each week you concentrate on a different clique, and should take the class that fits with them. (IE. arteest would be art class, jocks is gym, etc.) You have to do errands for the members of each clique in order to rack up points with them and get invited to their party. Once you have the points and the invite, you can choose to skip the rest of the school week and go directly to the party. You also have to buy clothes at the mall that fit in with the clique you are trying to get into that week. You can do mini games as jobs at the mall for money, and repeat them as much as you want. It's hard to mess up. Just do all the errands you're asked to complete, and you'll get a party invite. If you aren't wearing the right clothes for that clique, they won't talk to you however. So be sure to get to the mall the first day of every week.

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loved it!!!!

posted by danceangel (KINGSTON, NY) Sep 3, 2009

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OMG IT WAS AWESOME! You dont really need to read the books to get it. i read the books and found out that they were making a good it was like first on my gamefly list! it was easy once you got what you needed like the right clothes. it saves money lol. and the more you play the game more money you will make at your work. they said i had to pick 1 but i did them all. but seriously 10 stars!!!!

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GF Rating


Too short.

posted by aliciatron (FREMONT, CA) Sep 20, 2009

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It was a good game but it was way too short, I beat it in like an hour, and then after that you can only play the minigames or play the last part over.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Probably better if you watch the show.

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Dec 14, 2009

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This game plays more or less like a simplistic kiddie version of the Sims games. The mini games are pretty easy with no levels of difficulty( they do pay you more money in later chapters, though).There are other mini game for classes but there is no point to them unless your trying to earn a party invitation with good grades in a particular subject. The errands you recieve from the NPCs are way too easy to complete, especially with the point and click map feature. Unless your a fan of the show or a very inexperienced gamer there isn't anything here worth more than a quick rental, if that.

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