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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay


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Really Bad

Worst save feature, ever

posted by Kylgar (LANHAM, MD) Aug 17, 2006

Member since May 2005

I'm not really going to speak to the game, as I have nothing to complain about there. It's a good mix of FPS, stealther and puzzle. I was most pleased on the game play and the graphics aren't bad.

HOWEVER, the save feature is reprehensible! While you can only save at checkpoints (actually, it's an auto-save at checkpoints, you have no control), that isn't so bad. Annoying, but not terrible. It's when you're in the middle of playing (not saving, not loading... playing) and the power goes out, then you decide to reload later and find that your entire profile is "corrupt and cannot be used" that you decide to never touch the game again.

I liked the game and would have given it at least a "7" if not an "8," but the inability to put it down when you feel like it and then come back to the same point instead of starting all over again is a complete deal breaker.

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Might have been a good game but!

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) Jun 11, 2007

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Member since Mar 2004

This could have been a good game but to many things wrong with it, First of those is the Controls they are just to flakey to work good second theres is the fact that the game has enimies early in the game that you have to kill to continue in the game but theres one problem with them theres only one way to hurt them at all and being able to get behind them to kill them is not really possible because even though they are In a Machine it moves 4 times as fast as you can and like i said there only one way to even hurt them thats to shot them in the back but you cant do that bec ause you cant get to their backs , just another example of the Idiots that Program games like this they think hey i know we will make an enimy next to impossible to kill and then put it in the game early in the game Then we will make it so you have to kill them to be able to go any further in the game . That way the People that play it most of them will give up there and not very many people will know that thayts as far as the game goes at least as far as a game that could have been good goes but they will still buy the game because of the name and we will be get rich so we can make even worse games

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just don't get it

posted by ram16821 (HOUSTON, TX) Jun 17, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

Ok, let's see... you'll like this game if you like:

1) not having a gun. The guards have automatic weapons, and you do not. The guns are DNA-encoded, so you can't take a dead guards weapon. You have to fight them off with a club. How fun!

2) Dying numerous times -- over and over again -- just trying to figure the one, linear way through the repetitive and tedious levels.

3) dreary space prison. The implication of evil is everywhere (including the obvious prison phobia...) but the characters and missions seem comical at best.

...and finally, 4) Vin Diesel. His delivery and posturing are absolutely hilarious. It makes you want to keep running him into machine gun fire, just to watch him slump forward dead like a rag doll.

I can't wait till they make a game out of his movie as a baby sitter!

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