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posted by BadMoodTaylor (CHICAGO, IL) Mar 17, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

I'm a guy and was embarrassed to tell people at first that I was trying out Biggest Loser, but now have no problem recommending it. I'm not that much overweight and play sports regularly but this has still been helpful for my fitness and staying consistent with working out.

The biggest plus for me though is the convenience. You set up a program the first time so it was convenient that I could just turn on the xbox in the morning and do a quick workout before heading to work. Also, the type of workouts usually still allowed me to lift weights, run, or play sports in addition to the workouts since most focused on overall body or core. Core/ab workouts have been helpful since sit-ups haven't been enough.

I haven't tried any of the other Kinect work out games so I can't make comparisons. I have only found two workouts that the game says I am doing completely wrong every time even though the are simple and I have been doing them correctly. So there haven't been any real issues with the Kinect aspect since the workouts are on a timer and will still proceed to the next - just miss out on some points. The only real negative I have found is that you can pick how many workouts a week but not when. There is one day a week I play competitive sports at night and would prefer not to workout on that day so it shows I am missing a workout each week and another day that they give me off but would prefer to workout. But only really matters if you are trying to 'win' - so not a big deal.

Overall, it's cheaper than a personal trainer. Obviously not as effective as one if you want to look like a body builder, but for the average person it can bring you some variety and motivation to your workouts.

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Very Good

The game is good but can be boring

posted by garrett1004 (KENNEWICK, WA) Oct 30, 2012

Member since Dec 2011

I enjoyed the game but the only thing I enjoyed about the game was the challenges (Mini-games) not the one on one with the trainers.

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posted by wolf98 (BOWLING GREEN, KY) Aug 2, 2012

Member since May 2012

I tried this and it is total garbage and not worth the rent. All you can do is follow the trainer either bob or jilian and keep up with them. I finished the game in 1 day on ultimate setting.

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