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Also on:Wii, Xbox 360
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Very Good

HUGE Beatles fan... kinda disappointed

posted by DaGamer818 (CEDAR LAKE, IN) Oct 12, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

I would consider myself a HUGE fan of The Beatles.. I must admit that I was kind of disappointed with the game though...
I thought the graphics were great!!!!!! I loved feeling like I was part of the band... but I got bored pretty quick with the game.. I figured that the game would be a lot more fun to play.. but I found it easier to play than the other rock band games.. and got bored rather quickly..

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GF Rating


The gold standard for audio and visuals

posted by Range13 (BOZEMAN, MT) Sep 29, 2009

Member since Aug 2008

Somewhere everyone who is playing this is smiling(especially the vocalists), despite a somewhat small setlist with some GLARING omissions and odd inclusions THE BEATLES ROCKBAND is ultimately irresistible. The unlockable photos and video extras are informative and entertaing, the trophies are fun to shoot for and the challenging setlist adds replay once you have one throughed all the singles. The music is obviously some of if not the best you will find in the RHYTHM genre despite its apparent overall simplicity. Notes only really get hard to hit if you are drumming or crank up to expert but it is so much fun to play that it is hard to miss frustration. Besides the beauty of vocals Ringos drum trainer is an awesome inclusion and the DOLBY SURROUND STEREO sounds absolutely stunning in this game. The psychadelic dreamscapes only put icing on a terrific package. These songs are highly replayable but there really should have been like 5 more on offer with the initial disc. This game is an achievement for everyone involved and truly deserves a sequel featuring all the missing classics from this go round. NO WHAMMY ACTION is really my only legitimate gripe here besides Ringo singing Boys.

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GF Rating

Above Average

It's by FAR the Worst Rock Band.

posted by TrueYankee (MIDLOTHIAN, VA) Sep 12, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

With that said, however, there are many worse games out there. I didn't buy it but I have the $250 bundle at my house. We got a guitar, a stand, a microphone, and drums (as well as other useless acessories) The Beatles Rock Band contains NEARLY Half of the Mind-Blowing Rock Band 2's 84 songs. Not to mention the game itself isn't worth $60 dollars. Worth a try if you even remotely like the beatles; I don't. Only buy if you truely think the beatles are REALLY the best band ever (which they're not) I really just wanna say that this game sucks because I think the beatles are the most overrated band in existance, but I'm going to be fair. Even though around half of the songs in the game are less than 2 minutes long. I'd say this game is worth spending about $30 for, nothing more. In short, these are the key points:

1. They took out around 5 features to add one. (i.e, No more drum fills, big rock endings, etc.)
2. The beatles drum logo is literally a whoopie cushion strapped to a drum set.
3. It is a major step back from rock band 1 and 2.
4. The story mode can be completed in 4 hours of gameplay (that's playing all the songs at least once)
5. The interface is really screwed up and I found it hard to stay focused on the music.
6. Various other little things I don't want to bother listing here.

1. If you like the beatles, then this game hold about 2 albums of thier music.
2. It does feel more like a band, that is, almost as far as playing plastic instruments can go.
3. It's still a good game for parties.


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