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The Bard's Tale


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Alternate Storyline

If the puppy joins your party, it changes the story somewhat. For example, when you face The Pet it will crush your dog, killing it. Later when you run into the skull in the dungeon, it says that someone from your past wants to see you again and it brings your undead dog back into your party.

Cow tipping

While in Huton (the first level), you can go around and find cows. Walk up next to the cow and press A. The Bard will push the cow over, and as soon as you walk off screen the cow will be set up again.

Final choice

In the final choice, if you have summons out you can ask their advice, unless they do not talk (then the Bard just says "Right").

The Highlander reference

Talk to the crier in The Tup Pub in West Dounby and agree to be in the talent show. You will get the Boots of "Quickening" as a reward. Read about these boots in the menu to learn that they were made for the Highland warrior Connor McLaihd. This is a reference to Connor McCloud from the Highlander movies. Also, all the other quickening boots have been lost, and the narrator says there surely can be only "one" pair left.

Little Red Riding Hood reference

Sometimes when you kill a wolf, you will get a red cloak or a picnic basket.

Star Wars reference

If you choose to be snarky to the elder after defeating Silkbeard, he will say, "May the queen of the Sith take you."

Willie Wonka reference

The "Bad Luck" songs greatly resemble the Umpa Loompa's songs from the original Willie Wonka movie.

You Got Served references

The Knight summon occasionally says "Thou hast been served".