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The Bachelor


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Really Bad


posted by savage2830 (MERIDIAN, ID) Jan 8, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

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This game is so bad. It is made for teens/adults because, well... it IS The Bachelor after all...BUT it is created for someone with the skill level of a 2nd grader. It is soooo easy and soooo boring. I am very disappointed!

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The Bachelor

posted by RedDog1 (OAKTON, VA) Nov 1, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

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The Bachelor is a game where you perform multiple mini games from coloring swatting at bees to win the Group date section of the game. The player who scores the most out of the 4 comps wins a one on one date with the bachelor/bachelorette.
I played through a few seasons before writing this review.
I immediately noticed a pattern in who got a rose and who didn't. Was the same every time as well as the same Ai players over and over. (Is it really that hard to at least change the names of the other players from season to season?)
The "Date" scenes are laughable (Not in a good way).
I honestly wasn't expecting much from this game so I guess I can't be too harsh on it. My GF saw it and yes we watch the show, so I got it for her. But just like every guy out there I had to play the game.
There are only 4 characters (of each gender) to choose from and of those 4 they all seem to be of different ethnic groups. (White, Black, asian, ???) Very limited in choice. Maybe a character set up and design would have at least added something.
The competitions are elementary at best. They range from coloring shapes, blurry picture guessing, keep icon in small zone by tapping A button to accomplish tasks (like blowing up ballons) and controlling an ATV through a horrible course. I might be forgetting other types of tasks but you get the point. There is absolutely no type of interaction with the Bachelor/Bachelorette to make it an actual dating game like the show is.
It's 3 quick episodes per season then the same graphics over and over again.
If this game was on a Bachelor/Bachelorette style show for finding the best video game, it would be out with no rose.

Do your self a big favor and pass on this one.

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Say I Don't to the Bachelor

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 11, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since Jan 2008

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I take a look at this game and wonder if the $20 price - or the fact it’s the game version of a hit television show - is there to take players’ mind off the fact that it’s incredibly lacking.
The Bachelor (should be called Bachelor/Bachelorette) has five seasons, and each season has three episodes. Each episode has four multi player minigames, called the Group Date, followed by a One on One date (another minigame).
The idea here is to win the minigames to get the most points (here, they’re called Hearts). Twelve hearts go to the winner of each Group Date minigame, and last place gets no hearts (if there’s a second or third place player, they get some hearts, but less than the 12 the winner gets)
After the Group Date, the player with the most hearts goes on a One on One date, and goes up against the other players in a minigame. The winner(s) of that game gets 12 hearts. Whoever has the least hearts at the end of the One on One date is eliminated, and the show goes on to the next episode. Last player standing marries the Bachelor (or Bachelorette).
Getting through the single player mode is really easy and should take a little over three hours to finish - the AI is weak on all the minigames. The ending is really flat, showing nothing but the cute couple starting out into the sunset. Boring.
As for the minigames, they are short and forgettable as well. Some have you answering a question, putting a puzzle together or drag a vehicle through a winding track. I didn’t like any of them.
But here’s the biggest problem with the game - your guy (or gal) wins the heart of the Bachelor/Bachelorette only to dump him/her for the next season. And he/she does it four times; I wonder why anyone would want to go out with such a serial dumper?
To round out the package, you get several personality and compatibility quizzes, but they’re no better than the ones you find in the magazines.
The Bachelor should be left at the alter for being flat and uninspired. SKIP IT

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