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The Amazing Spider-Man


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It’s good, but not Amazing

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 9, 2012

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When they made the movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, they just had to make the game based on that movie.
This game takes place after the movie and its plotline has to deal with the cross species virus that threatens to overtake the city by turning people into mutated animals.
As Spider-Man, it’s your job to find a way to stop the spread of the virus.
There are thirteen stages in the main part of the game with two side quest stages and four really short challenges. It took me about eight hours to get through the main game and about another hour or two to get through the side quests and challenges. This game has quite a bit of content in it.
And it has some innovation with the Web Rush. Everything slows down to a crawl when you activate it, letting you take out enemies with stealth by aiming at them, leap over to far away walls by aiming at them, and defeat bad guys by (you guess it) aiming at them. When it works, it’s great.
But when it goes wrong, it goes horribly wrong. Fighting off bosses is aggravating because I swear I had the aiming down right, but instead of attacking the boss, nothing happens. This would drag out boss fights for far too long.
Another problem I have with the game is the level design; the game makers have a mean streak in them.
In one level, they ask me to turn three large faucet handles, but put in five large faucet handles. Which ones to go for? You’re on your own with that.
With the problematic Web Rush, that puzzle becomes a major headache.
The Amazing Spiderman is a good game with a lot of potential, but the devious level design and the unreliable Web Rush takes too much fun out of the game for me to hand $50 over for. RENT IT.

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posted by dav13789 (MIAMI, FL) Jun 28, 2012

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I would recommend this game. Even though it doesn't have free roam, it's still great. Graphics are good and no glitches at all.

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One of the worst games I have every played.

posted by glendonray (SAINT CHARLES, MO) Jul 12, 2012

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Honestly, did the developers for this game even try? This game should not belong in 2012. Terrible graphics, terrible game play, terrible everything! (besides Spider-Man, I love Spider-Man) I had the same game in my queue for all three systems but the Wii became available first. I'm gonna see if it's different for the PS3 or 360 and I'm hoping it is a lot better. I wasn't really expecting much anyways since it was for the Wii. But, seriously, this game would be impressive MAYBE in 2000-2002.

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