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The Amazing Spider-Man


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posted by demarcuz5 (MESA, AZ) Dec 25, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

awsome game cant wait to play part two.

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GF Rating


Not bad

posted by Lawrence0721 (AKRON, OH) Dec 21, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

I did not expect to enjoy this game as much as i did. The web-swinging is fun and the combat isn't difficult but you can still die if you don't pay attention. I played the game on normal difficulty and had no problems. Tried it on hard and that's when i sent it back. I couldn't really tell the difference between hard and normal. Yeah getting hit will kill you faster but that's about it, also a few npcs have less health. That's what set me off. Overall decent Spider-man game, especially if you like the film and want a continuation of the story. Still would not buy.

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GF Rating


Not that Amazing.

posted by Majin72 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Dec 21, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

This game is a step back from the previous entries in Beenox's series of Spider-Man games. It's kind of bad when the only thing you can say is that Andrew Garfield didn't provide the voice for this seemingly movie follow-up title.

The graphics are passable, the story and action do not coincide with the more realistic style the movie was going for, with at least one of the concept images showing this was actually meant to be a different game altogether before being turned into a sloppy movie tie-in. Sound effects are pretty good, but the music will get on your nerves after a while.

Control issues abound due to a wonky camera and combat can only be called a sad rip-off of Rocksteady's Batman series.

If you play the game through on the highest difficulty setting, you can get every unlockable and trophy in a single playthrough, with a barely noticeable change in the difficulty of the game, which highly limits replayability. The extra suits you can obtain are purely cosmetic and add nothing to the game save for an extra uniform hanging in your closet. All uniforms but two or three can be gotten in the game proper, the others having to be bought with DLC.

As an added mention, you can collect comic book pages floating around the city. After collecting a set amount, you unlock a full digital comic in the extras menu. Of note, the 500 page comic says it is the first appearance of Alistair Smythe, but in actuality is of Alphonso Smythe. Like I said, this game was rushed to be out with the movie and it shows all around, even in the extras.

Rent it, don't buy it. Ever.

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