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Spider-Man, you're AMAZING!

posted by TheMartyr (BONNERS FERRY, ID) Jul 15, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I don't care what anyone says. The Spider-Man film reboots are a good thing. Why? We get new Spidey movies and GAMES. You know the free roaming games? I'll start off saying I am a huge Spider Man fan. He is my favorite super hero. I've played almost all of the Spider-Man games you can imagine.

This movie tie-in does several things right and only a few wrong. Unlike previous Beenox Spider-Man games this one is NOT linear. I still had a great time, like Spider-Man 2 on the Xbox, just web slinging around the city. The voice acting was solid and the story just as good. Combat was pretty good. The web rush was a nice touch just like the stealth take downs. Side missions were fun but did get repetitive. Length was pretty average but the ride was great while it lasted. This game shines at adding sweet little details. Such as collecting comic pages around the city to get actual comics to read, "New York City Thoughts" in the loading screen, innovative ways to unlock new Spidey suits, and people responding to your web-swinging.

Glitches were few and far between. Some of the boss battles were kind of annoying to me. Some were grand. What I don't get is how Spider Man can take NO damage free-falling from a skyscraper? Huh. I guess that it's a super hero thing, we wouldn't understand. This game wasn't exactly what its predecessors were such as "Spider Man 2" and "Spider Man 3". You didn't feel quite as free but the free-roam WAS there. Many people criticized how the web slinging controls were laid out. I'll admit it is different but if just play it like you played the games, "hold RT then press A then hold RT and THEN tap LT", then it doesn't feel that different, but if you just hold RT then it gets annoying as Spidey will do it all for you.

The Amazing Spider-Man was just a good "movie" game just as the one's based off Raimi's were. Great game to pass time and have fun. So, in my eyes, this Spidey game gets 9 out of 10 radioactive spiders.

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Spidey at his best!

posted by GhostSpider83 (FRANKLIN, IN) Jul 3, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

What a great game this was to play. I really felt like Spider-Man when web-slinging, bouncing on baddies and cracking one-liners (the last Spidey games to make me feel like a, "True Believer," came in the form of Spider-Man 2 and Shattered Dimensions). The game is actually a sequel to the movie, (saw the movie last night, "Amazing, nuff said!") so do not play this game till you have watched the movie because of spoilers. The movie-style presentation of the game was great (voice-acting, story, I truly would watch this game in a theater for $13.00 etc...). The graphics are beautiful but not the best 360 has to offer, animation is pretty fluid and N.Y. City comes alive. The gameplay is a simple-button layout (you don't really buy, "moves," like in previous games, just power-up's) and Spidey just fights, flights and does what a spider can. I do kinda miss smashing several buttons to perform a awesome acrobatic feat into a villains face (like all the crazy-cool moves from Spider-Man 2) but this game does it justice without leading to carpel-tunnel. The basic missions are the typical kind from previous Spidey games; car chases, muggings, hostage, gunfights, carry civilian to hospital and photographer to name a few (pretty funny dialogue at times too!). Some great bonus material like; bio's, costumes, you have a gallery of the photo's you take, comic pages to collect in-game/read classic Silver-Modern Age issues. There's even a really cool character (I will not say who) you can play as but required a special order. I bet in the near future though, you could purchase the character on X-Box Live, fingers-crossed!

-Lance B.

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No not this again

posted by Rvampfan (SPRING LAKE, NC) Nov 9, 2012

Member since Feb 2008

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

All I have to say for this game is this title was suffering a mid-life crysis. Best way I could summarize it is this was a mash up of Prototype storyline ,Batman gameplay, with a splash of Spiderman in there. Its just said because this game suffered poor level design,lame enemys with a redundant combat system, and a short if not sorry excuse for a storyline. Trying not to be a spoiler but a sum point the seems less like an actual plot and more like a lame B movie with a total of about 5 bosses if you wouldnt even call them bosses. Its just kills me because Im a big spiderman fan. My advice dont buy this game infact dont even play it.

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