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The Amazing Spider-Man


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GF Rating

Very Good

when do i get the game

posted by warrens56 (WELLINGTON, FL) Jul 13, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

when do i get the game

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GF Rating


Amazing ?,if you are on a last gen console

posted by Rollexx (WAGENER, SC) Jul 4, 2012

Member since Feb 2005

A 10 really? I get some people are a fan of spidey,but a 10. We are at the end of the 360s life cycle and this is a title that follows suit with games from 5 years ago. The same missions over and over again. Whitty banter is funny the first time you hear it,but after 7000 time you'll just turn down the volume. Spiderman is polished and looks Xbox 360. The rest of the people and cars look last gen. There's 600 comic book pages to find that should only take you 20 hrs to do. (Moore repetitive gameplay) There are more items to find in missions as well,and don't worry you can replay the mission from your house if you choose to. You won't! Swinging has been simplified so that my 6 yr old was playing like a pro. You can swing anywhere without buildings arround to latch on too and you don't get hurt if you fall 100 stories? It's a step back from previous tray arch spiderman games. For a rental it's worth a laugh. I wouldnt buy it from the bargain bin. I'd give it a 5 out 10.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not all that

posted by Kiba3D (DOUGLASVILLE, GA) Jun 30, 2012

Member since Nov 2010

i should have gamve this game a 4 but 6 because of the movie was good
now time for my Review
Graphics: passable they may would have been good... if was made in 2009
but the graphic are nothin i mean nothing to brag about

Gameplay: 4-10 ok we all know spider-man was doing the evade button since the first game so i dono y people are refering it to a batman style, but this time around its a lot more... fast past and sloppy its like a chain chomp trying to close his mouth, it just dont work as i might say

Voice: meh just like the movie i guess... the lip sync is bad tho

Story: very forggetable-- just a couple of weeks after the ending of the movie the girl sneaks mr.parker in to the Ocoar labortory again..but this time the fused animals or whatever starts to act violently in parks present and all The mutants breaks loos... long story short girl gits infected and your trying to make a cure with the lizaed man himself

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