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GF Rating

Very Good

very fun!!!

posted by deadpool7100 (Lafayette, LA) Jul 20, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

compared to previous spider-man titles, this is the best one I've played yet!!!!
web-sling works very well and the combat is fluid and fun!
my only complaint is that side missions in the free-play or open world area are not infinite and you will eventually run out of things to do..
but over all it was fun to play!

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GF Rating


The best Spiderman Game Ever

posted by umathurman112 (LOS ANGELES, CA) Jul 19, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

The best one ever spiderman 1 sucked sm2 was really cool and had the big city to roam sm3 was just a copy of sm2 and it was a good copy with better graphics i suppose but nothing new the black suit was cool do then web of shadows had the whole marvel universe and was good because it was fresh do to story and characters but was the same game then the different dimensions have been ok but they are entirely different games this one has the free roaming element wich i prefer and it nails it the swinging just takes time to get use to but it actually is way better than before i think its just my opinion actually the only problems i found where that it is way to easy even at the hardest difficulty easy and the bad guy they choose not one of my favorites oh and i hate robots haha if you played the game you get me

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GF Rating


With great heroes, come mediocre games,

posted by themyrte (NORFOLK, VA) Jul 19, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

This game was an exception however. I've played just about every Spiderman title since the Nintendo 64 and I am a lifelong fan. I was convinced Web of Shadows was the greatest next-gen game until I played this. Don't get me wrong, WoS is still a great game, but it has its flaws as well.

The thing about this game is how personal it becomes. At first you're Spiderman. Cool, what's new? But as the game progresses you literally feel as if you might be the web slinger himself.

This is aided by the new Web-rush ability which may be the best improvement in a Spiderman game since open world New York.

The story is compelling and keeps you up with equal parts of humor, action, and drama. Web swinging brings you so close to Spiderman you could touch him.

I could talk all day about how good this game is, but you really want to hear the flaws.

The fighting mechanics in this game are adopted from the Batman:Arkham series. Beenox must have realized how well it worked for them and tried to duplicate it. This wouldn't be bad if they were as free flow as batman. The combat was very choppy and until you unlock more combos(and even after) is very stale. You will often get used to doing the same finishers again and again. Also it is worth mentioning the enemies are simple and easy to defeat on any difficulty.

The web swinging is beautiful but you don't get the control you've had in other games. If you hold the trigger down you will swing just like from the first Spiderman movie game in 2002. Similar to that you can't hold onto your webs and your swinging from the sky. This means you can swing from the sky above envy building in Manhattan.

Don't let any of this deter you however, because this is still my favorite next gen title and I hope the next Spiderman movie gets picked up so that beenox can produce another beautiful game.

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