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The Amazing Spider-Man


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GF Rating


It's ok

posted by Jeremy1 (GRIFFIN, GA) Nov 25, 2012

Member since Jan 2010

The game is ok but not great. I thought it was pretty dumb that you had to collect comic books at different locations. As well as taking pictures of fans of spider man. I still haven't figured out how all of the things came together to form that giant snake looking thing. All of the enemies requires to much damage in order to defeat them as well.

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GF Rating


Solid but repetitive

posted by TheSolly (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Nov 24, 2012

Member since May 2009

A solid action game but the whole series has become more of the same in terms of story. The entire plot is pretty thin and is similar to earlier Spiderman games with the whole 'outbreak of infected' being done before with Venom.
The combat is lifted wholesale from the Batman games, which I think do a better job overall. Spiderman is a bit too frantic to really make use of all the tools available, where the Batman games had better pacing that made combat feel more tactical.
By far the biggest issue is a camera that at times prevents any sort of precision to your movements, wildly panning at just the right time to send Spidey in exactly the wrong direction. Add to that the moon gravity the world has- Spidey will often sail past an intended target by a half mile or soar to skyscraper altitude when you only wanted to make some small leap- and just getting around can be frustrating. High speed movement on buildings is nowhere near as smooth or precise as say, the AC series, and you'll often find yourself leaping off ledges unintentionally.
Combat with the Batman engine is fine but a close in camera view means you spend your game watching for icons over your head rather than watching the bad guys. Very Pavlovian- see an icon, press this button, get cheese reward in the form of a dodge.
Far too often the 'boss battles' in the game are merely a repetitive and dull series of killing something 7 or 8 times before you are declared the victor. This series has long been guilty of simply dragging out battles by making you repeat a pattern over and over again on a boss. It loses the feeling of an epic fight and becomes a grind pretty quickly- learn the 'right' moves, repeat until you win, lose or get bored and quit.
When compared to similar games like Batman or Prototype, this game is on par. The flaws I found in this game are pretty much the same as in those titles.
A solid contender for rental, I can't see a compelling reason to buy however.

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GF Rating


Not that bad but not that great

posted by L33tVoltron (GAINESVILLE, FL) Nov 19, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

It plays like a watered down Batman with no real way to find all the comic books. It was fun but I think I got about 20 hrs out of it before I wanted to send it back.

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