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The Amazing Spider-Man


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Hated the movie, loved the game!

posted by HylianPlumber16 (SPRINGDALE, AR) Dec 11, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

The film blows and the games is awesome! The events take place after the movie. A cros-species has escaped into New York and has spread a virus. It is up to Spider-Man to stop the virus and cure everyone. Benox finally learned what we love about Spider-Man games, free roaming. It brings such a joy to swing through all of manhattan. I always get a rush when I jump from a high building just as I fall, web swing. If you are the collective type, then you will love this game! All through out manhattan are 700 comic book pages, magazines, tech pieces, and audio evidence to find, and spider emblems to unlock costumes. Overall, a movie tie in game that does not suck! Worth a rent and a buy!

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Fantastic Game!!!!

posted by chemical36 (WHITMAN, MA) Dec 9, 2012

Member since Nov 2010

I am giving this game a ten for many reasons. Even though I had my gripes, this game is by far one of the best super hero titles yet.

The Good:
Swinging through manhattan.
Fluid swing and web rush controls.
Terrific aerial shots.
Great combat system and upgrades.
Mission list is a little light. But we'll done.

The Bad:
Even though they aren't that bad but still, too short. Wanted so much more.
Story was a little light.

Overall this game is so much fun and I am still playing even after beating the main story. I love swing around the city collecting pages, stopping crime, invading oscorp secret labs. I love stealth take downs. The animations of spidey taking down baddies with sig moves is incredible.

Yes it is short, yes it can get repetitive. But what do you expect? It is spiderman, he fights crime and sometimes crime isn't exactly unique every single time. Also, considering the massive scale on which this game was done is amazing in and of itself, never mind making every single missin super unique.

The main story was a little too "raily" for me. The path was never to be wavered from. I wish part two will be more GTA'esque. Make it 100% open world and that game would win game of the year easy.

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If you like Spiderman

posted by MCrev (TEMPE, AZ) Dec 4, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

Eh, it is Spidey. It's fun to play, a helluva lot of fun. Web swinging system is legit and I enjoy it. That being said, it is a little too repetitive for my taste at the moment. I may come back to it.

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