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Not so amazing

posted by Barrenx2 (RARITAN, NJ) Dec 23, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

Although decent in it's own right, it lacks the control that should make a Spider-Man game great. Spider-Man 2 was awesome because you got to control how you swung through the city, not just picking a place to go and pressing a button.

Combat is very repetitive and broken up into quick-time events and pre-mapped combat moves that are achieved at the press of a button. I wish I could fight my way instead of doing it how the game wants me to do it, especially in a Spider-Man game.

Also, the game tells you how to do EVERYTHING! Too much hand-holding is complete turn-on and one that shouldn't be in a game at all.

All-in-all, I'm glad I only rented this title instead of paying full price. The lack of player control, and hand-holding in this game isn't ideal. Again, this game is only worth a rent.

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The Amazing Spider-Man is...Amazing!

posted by warrioroffury (FLORENCE, MT) Dec 15, 2012

Member since May 2012

I love the movie as my favorite movie of all time but when I heard there was going to be a movie tie in I was not hyped because of movie based games like Spider-Man 3 or The Incredible Hulk. Then I saw it was being made by Beenox the same people who made Shattered Dimensions which I thought was the best Spider-Man game ever made so I got a little more interested. I noticed that it was a similar view and Free Roam like Arkham City so I got a little more interested so I decided to rent the game and I was shocked on how good it was. The combat was simple yet fun and smooth which I enjoy in games, the graphics were actually really good for a movie based game, and the first person views felt like how they were in the movie. If you haven't seen the movie, don't play this because it gives spoilers because it is a sequel to the movie. If you loved the movie you will love this game. The Free Roam is great, I actually liked the Free Roam in this game more than Arkham City because of how you travel around. The Web swinging is a lot of fun and the heights you can scale are amazing. The controls are great, the story is interesting and engaging, and the characters are not as enjoyable as in the movie but are pretty enjoyable. One of the only problems I had was the voice actor for Spider-Man and Peter Parker because he doesn't sound like Andrew Garfield at all but the dialogue he gave was enjoyable so I didn't hate him. Another problem is that when all crimes are stopped more don't spawn so when the crime is gone, its gone forever which I think is a bad idea because the point of Free Roam games is that you can just roam and beat up people. So when all the side missions are complete all you can do is just swing around the city doing nothing. Yes the swinging is enjoyable but when there are no missions it gets boring. But everything else up until everything is complete is really well made and I had tons of fun with it. This is now my favorite Spider-Man game. It is Amazing! 10/10.

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Step backwards

posted by lotw01 (PALMDALE, CA) Dec 15, 2012

Member since Nov 2003

A step backwards in the series.

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