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GF Rating


The Not-So Amazing Spider-Man

posted by Ostop (MADISON, CT) May 9, 2014

Member since Jun 2011

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a fun and exiting game for those who have never played a Spider-Man game in their life. As for those who have, it basically has the same concept of the others, you swing around New York, you continue the story line, you stop various crimes along the way, and you upgrade yourself in the process. The story line is good but very short, I myself finished the story mode in 5 days while doing side missions and random crimes along the way. Anyone who has played any of Rocksteady's Batman games know that the fighting style of the 2 games are similar, the only difference being that the way Spider-Man moves if different than The Dark Knight. Though Spider-Man can upgrade his moves, there aren't many moves to upgrade and the way he constantly is "borrowing" Oscorp technology references to the way Batman acquires new gadgets throughout the game. Swinging around an open world New York is fun at first, but after a while it gets old. Swinging capabilities are however different from the way they use to be, instead of pressing the same button to swing you have a different swing button for each arm, meaning you can't press ZL to spin a web with your left arm in an attempt to swing from a building on your right. The Web Rush mode was useful to me in the game, by holding down the R button Spider-Man will activate his Spider Reflexes that will stop time. Using the Left Analog Stick you look around in this Web Rush mode for a spot you can Web Zip to or an opponent to attack, but time is limited, if you stay in Web Rush mode for to long time will speed up again and you will either go in to a freefall or be attacked by an enemy. As far as the graphics go, the creators could have done a lot better. The characters had little facial expressions, the movement and touch was off and I've seen better graphics on the WiiU in different games. Overall this Spider-Man game is no different from the rest, and as for the Hero-Menace bar, it plays a small part in the game.

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GF Rating

Above Average

The Not So Amazing Spider Game

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 20, 2014

Member since Jan 2008

Spider Man is back and ready to kick some more bad guy butt in the video game adaptation of the movie.
Over 14 or so missions, the web crawler fights his way to top several notable villains from hatching their evil schemes – villains like Electo, Kingpin, Kraven, Green Goblin and Black Cat (yes, she’s a villain here).
To do that, you go from point A to point B, beat up several regular guys, then stop the villain. It’s easy to pick up and play this game – the controls are not that hard to get used to, and it was a fun taking down the bad guys.
But the story in this game just didn’t interest me; I felt like they tried too hard to fit in all these villains in one game, and the ending was a big let down with a tease that they’re going to make a third installment of the franchise.
But they put in some side missions to add some spice to the game. Missions that include saving people trapped in a burning building, beating up gangs who cause trouble, taking pictures of computer screens or getting a bomb to the river before it explodes.
Those side tasks were fun at first, but they tend to repeat a lot – and after accomplishing them a few times, it just got tiring doing the exact same thing over and over again.
And the added spider suits and leveling up system doesn’t add much to the game; the one standout was the new ability to shoot webshot that destroyed metal.
But the game is longer than average; it took me about eight hours to get through the story mode (it usually takes me four to six hours to do that).
Spider Man 2 – the Video game – gives a lot of simple fun, but the convoluted story and repetitive action are reasons why I won’t hand out $50 for it. RENT IT.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Still waiting

posted by Genel (MABLETON, GA) May 15, 2014

Member since May 2014

Its been 2 weeks and this game still ain't here.

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