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posted by justin_hamilton (PRINEVILLE, OR) Jun 25, 2014

Member since Mar 2013

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Not even enjoyably bad.

posted by Brash_Attack (LOS ANGELES, CA) Jun 12, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

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This is a movie video game that was rushed to release in order to come out while the movie was still relevant. I'm not stupid. I knew this going in. It was going to be bad. But sometimes mindlessly bad games are still fun. Sometimes even more fun than good games just for the sheer novelty of how bad it is. This is not one of those games.

I spent the first hour of the game trying to figure out if the Peter Parker model was meant to look like Andrew Garfield. I mean, all of the other characters were at least recognizable as the actors from the movies, but not Peter.

On the top of character models, with the exception of the Spider-Man suits, all the models has freakishly small heads and had an embarrassingly low poly count. On paper, you could have told me this was a late PS2 game and I wouldn't have doubted it for a second.

I wish I could say that the gameplay saved it, but the web-swinging controls were made pointlessly involved, the web-zip never landed where you wanted it to and the combat system was like the Arkham games' down-syndrome brother. Smash X until your thumb bleeds and if you glow red (no matter how far from the enemies you are) hit Y and you'll counter them from 5 yards away.

Not too sure how this game had anything to do with the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. The game starts off with Uncle Ben getting shot and then you start to fight your way through baddies like Kragen, Black Cat, Carnage and Kingpin. None of which were even mentioned in the movie (sans Felicia).

I predict this game will hit the bargain bin within the month.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Good however...

posted by flyboy8498 (ELIZABETHTOWN, KY) May 20, 2014

Member since Aug 2009

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The story is good. It is more than passable. However, and there is a HUGE however, the story is only about 6 hours. IF you want to 100% the game and find all the comics books (300 of them), it will take you considerably longer with a lot of frustration. See, you can't just swing around the city willy-nilly (even after the story has ended, in fact then it is WAY worse), without helping citizens in peril every couple of minutes otherwise you will have the bad guys after your butt because you're a menace instead of a hero. As the story progresses, it gets way worse and way harder to keep your hero level up, even with the proper suit, fully leveled up to take advantage of the hero side of the bar. I think I counted, with a fully leveled suit that took advantage of the hero side, you could let 6 citizen missions go before you HAD to pay attention to a few. Think 6 is a lot? Think again. That will last you all of 5 minutes, at most.

The story is good. It isn't anything special.

The real problems are when you want to swing around Manhattan, without doing a darn thing except collecting comic books, or whatever needs collecting. It is frustrating at best to have to pay attention to citizens in peril every other minute.

The graphics are not anything to write home about either, even on the XBox One.

This game is a rent, if you're a Spider-Man fan. If you're not, I would look for another game for yourself, you'll be happier.

Oh... The Achievements. They are fairly easy to do. There are a few collectible ones that will take a long time to do though. In one sitting, in an 9 hour period I got 500 out of the 1,000 without doing anything special.

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