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The Amazing Mess

posted by DeadBite (BRONX, NY) May 5, 2014

Member since Apr 2005

Beenox has been making Spider-Man games for the past few years and sadly they seem to be getting worse. Shattered Dimensions was there first hit with Spidey and even though it pretty much copied Batman Arkham Asylum’s format. It was a great game, after that it just seemed they suffered from Activisions yearly-recycled releases. Even their first foray into the open world with the Amazing Spider-Man game was okay at best. Now the sequel has come out and it’s a repetive mess. It’s obvious they were forced to release the game along side the movie but why do companies still do this? When we have things like Gamefly, Red Box or even the Internet to warn us if something is going to suck.

ASM2 suffers wonky camera, graphical glitches, repetive side missions and one-liners. Not to mention the worst voice actor for Spider-Man to date. Swinging around the city is still fun but it’s a shame the crime fighting side missions get old quick. The boss fights this time around are mostly locked into little Arenas were you just figure out their patterns and beat them. The only exception is when you fight Electro out in the city and it’s pretty epic. Don’t expect a really deep story here either, the game gives you the illusion that it’s trying to be but honestly it falls apart mid way through. The combat is easy and somewhat satisfying and unlocking new costumes that all have different attributes is a cool idea. There really aren’t much positive things to say about this game, it’s short, messy and just far from amazing. It’s a shame that the last great open world Spider-Man game was Spider-Man 2. With next gen finally here maybe we can get a great open world Spider-Man game the kind that is on par to Rockstar’s worlds. Sadly I don’t think this will ever happen with Activision in charge of things. All they care is about pumping out the same thing over and over again till it stops making money. They really should remember with great power comes great responsibility.

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Really? You can do better

posted by Stagray (WALDORF, MD) May 4, 2014

Member since Apr 2011

This game is far from being good. Its avg at best. The controls are clunky and is far to easy, even on Superhero difficulty. The game is basically a step back from the last iteration of Spidey games.

If you dont have much to do right but play this, its OK. There are over 400 collectibles in it and the missions suck. So it will pass the time but you wont be overcome with joy.

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This was made for the newest systems?

posted by RuningWolf (YUCAIPA, CA) May 1, 2014

Member since Apr 2003

I had an xbox one version of this game on my list first then changed It to the 360 when they canceled release of the xbox one version. I am a fan of most games but this whole SpiderMan game franchise is complete trash especially this last one. This games been dumbed down for an age group of 8 through 15. The game is repetitive and poorly made with almost a non existent storyline. In truth It is the worse one yet. As a new owner of an xbox one system I would have been furious to have purchased such a trashy game.Thank God for Gamefly!
I had this game freeze on me several times during gameplay.There is nothing good about this game period. It's not even worth the rental.

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