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The Amazing Spider-Man 2


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GF Rating

Very Good

What do you expect!

posted by OhhYeah47 (LITTLETON, CO) Oct 4, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

This isn't the Batman series, so you can't get mad for the story being short! It's a great spiderman game, and you get to Web sling around the city! So if you like to get easy achievements and want to play a good game, just hey this one!

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GF Rating


the amazing spiderman 3

posted by fisherfam (METAIRIE, LA) Aug 31, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

This game is awesome it has electro and it makes the living room light up. Spiderman has some sweet moves when you are fighting. Its just that this game does not have the rhino, but in the beginning of the game you need to run to uncle ben to see him laying down and then peter starts to cry. Then you turn into spidey then jump off the fat mans building. You can swing around the city even fighting electro.You are going to like this game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

far from perfect, but still a pleasant surprise

posted by aleksi (HIDDEN VALLEY LAKE, CA) Jul 19, 2014

Member since Apr 2010

i really enjoyed this game. i really don't understand what all the negativity is all about. i think the people who gave it bad reviews were expecting way too many things from the producers solely based on the fact that it is a movie based game. people don't understand that the creators of these types of games are working with an incredibly short deadline BECAUSE it's a movie tie-in game. this is one of the reasons why i was surprised at how good this game was.

for starters, i loved the fact that the mood of the game was a good balance of light humor type moments, with peter parker making his stupid little jokes and quips to the other characters during the boss battles, but then gets serious during the cut scenes when he is trying to get his points across. one prime example is when he is talking to harry osbourne about harry's disease and tells him that he needs to wait a little longer and not give up hope. or when he's trying to talk to electro and tell him to stop destroying new york. sure these moments get corny, but they stay consistent don't stray from the story's main purpose.

Another aspect of the game i liked was the acting. solid, very solid. i mean, sure, i think that the actual actors of the movie would have been better, but the actors that were in the game were believable enough to get the job done. unlike in some games (like fantastic four, rise of the silver surfer, which, incidentally, had all four of the real actors of the movie itself ), none of the voice acting in this game was too bland or put me to sleep at any point. well done!

My only real complaint were the camera angles. way to frantic and loose. especially when climbing on walls. did not know where the heck i was half the time. need to fix that folks.

graphics were okay. a little robotic, but the colors were bold and clear.

overall, i felt that this game is very engaging and worth a rent. i was pleasantly surprised at how good it actually was. give it a try!

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