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GF Rating


I really tried to like this

posted by Hindenbag (MARYVILLE, TN) Sep 8, 2014

Member since Sep 2014

I really wanted this to be decent. I read the other reviews and concur entirely, but I want to mention a few things. The story gameplay isn't terrible. It could've been better, but was ok enough to get through and be entertained. Everything else about it sucks. The biggest gripe I have is that the side missions are not worth doing at all. There is no steak in getting 100% as all the small time crime missions don't even count towards it, and the bulk of the game is spent doing those. There are like 5 different types you can do, over and over, and doing them raises your Hero rating, but there is NO END to them, like with most open world games. And they expire, so if you're running around trying to get hidden packages, then the time runs out on these and your rating drops. If it drops into the negative, you get attacked by security forces. It just feels like work, there was nothing fun at all about it. Visually, the city looked great, but I don't think I would consider this to be a next gen game at all. I've seen better looking PS3 games. I wouldn't bother even renting, definitely don't buy. Let this one go and hope for a better one in the future.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Worth a rent, maybe

posted by Signal20 (SPRING HILL, FL) Sep 4, 2014

Member since Aug 2011

I am writing this as I am nearing the Platinum (max level all suits), which has made it obvious to me why no one should ever buy this game. It may be worth a rent, if you are a fan or like a fairly easy Platinum trophy. My review will focus on the trophy hunting influence as well. Pros: -Works very well on Remote Play with the Vita. This title is constantly prompting you with button tips to perform actions such as Stealth Takedown, Evade etc. And when used with Remote Play, it is one of the few titles I've come across that change the buttons for the Vita. For instance, when playing on the PS4 you use L1 for Stealth Takedown. When playing on the Vita, it changes the prompt to tell you to touch the left rear touch pad. Pretty nifty. -I appreciate a game that I only have to playthrough once to unlock all the difficulty trophies. Playing on Super-Hero was not that difficult. -Load times are good and quick. Cons: -Voice acting is repetitive and annoying. -Gets old quick. Anytime you try to do a bomb mission, one of the three same pedestrians always seem to be the ones scared by it. -Web slinging controls are horrible. After doing a wall web run to the top of a sky scraper Spider-Man has a need to do an acrobatic flip which usually ends up with him falling backwards and having to run up again.. -Camera view is atrocious near obstacles and walls. You'll need to constantly be rotating the camera or move away so you can actually see what you are doing. -Leveling up multiple suits is the only reason to keep playing (if you want the trophy). Sadly, this is where the game becomes so repetitive and you see the blatant flaws. Notes: -Others have complained about the graphics. They don't bother me as much (I thought they were acceptable), as I find the gameplay and story more interesting then polish. However, this game fails in my opinion. Story line goes too quick, voice acting horrible, and gameplay controls make it annoying and frustrating. Verdict: Don't buy

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GF Rating


Just Not Good

posted by WhytKiD (GAINESBORO, TN) Aug 26, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

Really did miss the mark with this game. Graphics are disappointing to be on a next-gen system. Web controls are god awful. Fighting is brainless. And the story is just meh.

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