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posted by ckline1940 (SEATTLE, WA) May 28, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

It simply feels as if your playing a PS2 Game. Very poorly made.

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The not so amazing Spiderman 2

posted by SunnyShores (WAUPACA, WI) May 27, 2014

Member since May 2014

I remember fond days of playing Spiderman 2 for gamecube, web slinging through a seemingly massive and alive NYC. these fond memories came rushing back with the amazing spiderman, and were crushed completely by the amazing spiderman 2.

1. the graphics were so sub par I was shocked.

2. the gameplay (especially the new hero or menace system) was terrible. they tried to make it seem like you had options, but you didn't.

3. the storyline was choppy. It started with you finding uncle bens killer, wait......didn't we already do that? villains pop in, villains pop out leaving zero character development. If I remember correctly the only gwen stacy in the game is when peter parker says her name.

over all an awful game. truly terrible. but one good thing they did do, your webs do not reach into nothing anymore, they have to stick to a surface. the right trigger controls the right while web swinging, and the left trigger controls the left while web slinging. this was a welcome change, and one, and almost the only redeeming quality. play at your own risk, I wouldn't take up the space on your GameQ

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A Swing and a Miss

posted by CaptMagnifico (THORNTON, CO) May 25, 2014

Member since Aug 2011

Are you all jittery, and need your Spidey fix? If you can say yes to that then this game is going to scratch that itch. But it will do this scratching at a cost. Your SOUL!
Okay maybe not that but lets talk about this game already.

This game takes place after the first Amazing Spider-man game not the movie. So it won't spoil anything in the movies for you except maybe Peter Parker is Spider-man. The story is central around the crime outbreak in New York and it is up to you to put an end to it. What it really turns into is you taking on this rouges gallery of Spidey villains in a very loose plot. If that pleases you than by all means, as for me I prefer an antagonist that is more focused on. You can make the argument that the "mysterious" Kingpin is the main villain but unlike some of the earlier Spider-man games he doesn't constantly appear to mess with you. Honestly the story feels like oh there is Kraven, fight. Oh there is Electro,fight. Every mission groups just lead to you fighting a new villain and knocking them out kind of thing.

The gameplay is fun and I did get a feel as if I was the Wall Crawler himself. Yet it can be buggy at times while swinging through the city and unlike say the Arkham games the fighting seems less choreographed and more button mashy and frenetic. The biggest annoyance is the side stuff that they basically make you do. If you don't fight crime you become a menace and if you are a menace then you are being hunted but this shady organization.

In the end because I have only 2000 characters let me run down some things. The voice acting is terrible. The graphics look last gen not PS4 quality. The gameplay is fun but can be refined. The story is complete trash and should probably take from the source material next time. So boys and girls if you just need to be Spidey you won't hate yourself for renting just don't press keep. Until next time Excelsior.

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