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Lather, rinse, repeat

posted by AZCutter77 (SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ) May 12, 2014

Member since Oct 2012

This is one of the most repetitive games i've ever played. While the semi open world is nice it is misleading. All you can do is 1. beat up random bad guys. 2, rescue people from a building fire. 3. stop a high speed chase. 4. take pictures. And every time you do one of these things you get a news report about how great Spidey is. Then you go back and do more of the same, over and over and over to earn hero points and level up your suit. This would have been bearable if you could interact with the random people in the city. But you cannot punch them, web them, swing into them or really affect them in any way. What is the use of a Hero/Menace bar if i can't be a jerk and web people???

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The Amazing Spider-Bland 2

posted by DaStonedMistro (STOCKTON, CA) May 11, 2014

Member since Oct 2012

So spiderman is my all time favorite super hero so naturally I'm excited for a new entry. Unfortunately this game is even worse than the first somehow. The most boring combat of ANY game ive played!! Swinging is decent with no real momentum. Graphics are quite bland with lots of pop in even on ps4. The story itself was terribly acted, i had to skip literally every cutscene just to force myself to beat this game. As an avid spidey fan I advise anyone even thinking of renting (let alone purchase) this atrocity of game to stray far far away. You'll be better off renting ANY other game, especially for youre shiny new PS4. Yes I am disappointed lol....

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Poor Poor Spider-Man

posted by cid2042 (Seattle, WA) May 8, 2014

Member since Oct 2011

Acting was poor
Story was weak
Movement through the environment was difficult
Over all poor design.

I gave it a 3 because two points was for Spider-Man being in the game and one for Stan Lee.

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