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The 1st Problem

posted by IllogicalJ (BROOKLYN, NY) May 25, 2011

Member since May 2005

Having abandoned the unique survival-horror/RPG hybrid of the original Parasite Eve and its looser, less serious sequel, Square Enix has crafted a (as usual) good looking action game that's plagued by frustrating controls, a severely limited and luck-based DNA ("skill") board, and a semi-useless "customization" feature that lets you buy and upgrade guns that are more-or-less the same just because it gives the illusion of progression.

In truth, at only six chapters in length (roughly seven hours, depending on skill), none of the features matter much -- just your ability to run and gun and "strategically" use the game's gimmick -- the Overdive system -- to flank enemies. If the AI were sounder, and if the enemies weren't quite as cheap (or hard to see due to the camera and flawed radar), the idea of jumping from body to body (remind you of Mindjack, anyone?) would be neat. Instead, it's just something to do (or not; it's rarely "necessary").

With more length and substance, the story might've made more sense (i.e., have been fleshed out and developed) and the pacing wouldn't have seemed so repetitive and linear (corridor crawls!). More importantly, the customizations might have become more strategically crucial, instead of just being empty filler for those who force themselves to grind extra hours into the game simply to "acquire" everything . . . those players would be better off with "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep" or the ultimate time-waster, "Dissidia 2012."

As an established property, "3rd Birthday" should be at least as solid a title as "Crisis Core": instead, it's little better than "Dirge of Cerebus." Given the length of time between installments, it's hard not to be disappointed by what, ironically, feels like a rushed sequel on what, at one time, was a unique franchise.

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posted by AFXZero (HUNTINGTON PARK, CA) May 2, 2011

Member since May 2011

I play games on hard all the time.. Extremely difficult games like Ninja Gaiden, Crysis 2, Games like Final Fantasy, etc... but this game is just too boring to enjoy.. i tried to play it and the same level over and over just made me realize how lame the concept and game really is. Not good at all and the experience system is terrible and the dna thing that combo shoot is ridiculous they never shoot fast enough. Too slow and lame for me. Get something els guys really.

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just finished it, this game rocks!!!

posted by raveaboutit (NEPTUNE, NJ) Apr 27, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

the graphics are really good. and the game is really fun. the story is a bit confusing but other then that its fricken awesome!!!

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