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The 3rd Birthday


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Above Average

The Third Birthday,

posted by Ubermoose (SPRING CREEK, NV) Jan 18, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

Had fun playing it but did not follow the first 2 movies. I just couldnt get that nostaglia effect.

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Playing this made me feel like it was my birthday

posted by xXFENRIRXx (CHICKAMAUGA, GA) Aug 3, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

3rd birthday has the greatest battle system and selection of weapons that I've personally seen in a PSP game since Crisis Core. The overdive ability gives you a great way to quickly get more life points before you die and also if you're out of ammo you can use that persons weapon which gives the overdive another bonus. The monsters are well thought out and its truly amusing to blow them to bits with machine guns, pistols and rocket launchers. The story is truly great if you are able to follow it because it really gets confusing if you don't understand whats going on, but you're not alone because i was confused at first as well. I highly recommend this and encourage you to try it out.

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Very Good

the 3rd Birthday

posted by stevenkage (SUBLIMITY, OR) Jul 11, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

looking for an awesome shooter game for PSP? look no further than The 3rd Birthday. in this game, you wont be shooting terrorists or aliens, no you will be shooting monsters (while looking great in torn jeans). the storyline takes place a couple of years into the future in New York City. where a giant plant-like monster consumes a bunch of buildings, and sprouts into the sky. it is so hungry for human flesh, IT WILL EAT THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE, then go back in time to EAT THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE.........AGAIN! (until it blows up; covering the Earth with monster vomit) But if it doesnt, you dont have to worry about December 21st, 2012 being the end of the world. You play as Aya who is sent to stop this monter....uh thing from EATING THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE!!! you start off with a default pistol to take out small enemies, called the Twisted (Dee Snider and his shenanigans!), who are just one legged monters that will head-bump you to inflict damage. you can get better weapons later in the game like assault rifles, handguns, sniper rifles, and shotguns, but you can also upgrade those weapons as well. you can never get rid of your default pistol (why bother--it has UNLIMITED AMMO!!!!). you may carry 3 weapons of your choice, and 1 extra weapon from someone else during gameplay. i found it best to carry an assault rilfe, and a shotgun with the default pistol. the graphics are astounding for this game. overall, this game was the best PSP shooter i've ever played, and i would highly recommend it. put it in your Game Q now while its available!

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