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Really Bad

Not very good

posted by pg1067 (LONG BEACH, CA) Jul 11, 2011

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The format of this game mimics that of the TV show. However, whereas the real game show was fun because of the interactions between the host, the celebrities, and the players, this game has none of that (and, in all fairness, it probably would have been impossible to recreate that in a game).

The clues given by the fictitious celebrities (would have been better to license real celebrities' likenesses, but I do understand that would have come with an added cost) are very awkward and short (often coming in the form of "synonym of mud; synonym of dirt; relates to filthy," etc.). The answer interface is also awkward. When you decide to answer, it freezes the clock, and you start typing your answer. If you've got it right, the correct answer (along with three alternatives) will come up after only two or three letters. There are also no categories that refer to pop culture (e.g., "things associated with [some TV show or movie]") or things like "famous Teds" (or, if there were, I didn't find them). While I suppose this keeps the game from being dated, it also leaves out a lot of the fun.

Finally, when I played one-plyer mode, the computer player was not at all challenging.

All in all, quite disappointing.

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Above Average

Rehashing a Classic Game Show

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Mar 10, 2011

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This is a port of a game that existed a few decades ago (no, it’s not Match Game), and enjoyed huge success when it first aired.
In this version of the Pyramid, you have to guess words from clues that the AI contestant gives you - while inside and outside the Winner’s Circle.
Each game starts off outside the Winner’s Circle. Here, you pick from a selection of six categories. Each category is made up of six words that associate with another word (like Engineer, Punch and Shoe for instance.) With your partner’s helpful clues, you guess what those words are - and score a point for each one you get within a minute.
After three rounds, if you get more points than the opposing player (or AI), you go on in the Winner’s Circle.
In the Circle, you get a sentence with a blank in it, like Things Associated with BLANK or What You Find at a BLANK. The AI partner gives clues as to what words go in the blanks and you guess them. If you get all six within sixty seconds, you get the million dollars - and a new piece of wardrobe.
Then you move on to the next day and do it all over again.
The interface is about as good as you can get; when you want to input an answer, just point at the answer button on screen, and a typewriting set of keys appears on screen. You point to each letter to spell out the word and then hit the enter key.
But the single player mode can get boring after a few games, and the unlocked piece of wardrobe isn’t all that exciting - so it’s best to play this game with a friend to see who understands the AI better.
And the Party Mode could’ve been better too; I would’ve like to see a four player Party Mode.
Fans of the game show will find a lot of fun with $1 Million Pyramid, but the fun just didn’t last long enough for me to pony up money for. RENT IT.

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by marcar1997 (DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI) Mar 20, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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Dont waste your time this only is very boring

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