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Tetris Worlds

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Can't save a game

posted by rmensen (ATLANTA, GA) Sep 2, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

This game was fun but you can't save your progress if you're doing well but have to quit.

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Tetris Worlds

posted by JimmyJ (GRAND ISLAND, NE) May 3, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

Tetris Worlds Is an Awesome Game for Tetris Fans,the gameplay is really quite good,the different modes of game play makes for a variety of gameplay,the backgrounds can be a little distracting,but if you concentrate on the the game the background are not a big issue all in all a very good Game in all all aspects.

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Disgraces the tetris Name!

posted by Writer83 (BEAVERTON, OR) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

There's a reason this game is so cheap (I found it for about $10-15)
It's a terrible game! Now, I almost never say that about games (most have something redeeming in it) but I am a die-hard Tetris Fan-Girl, and I found it quite frankly, embarrassing!
(Just so we're clear, this version is for the GBA.)
I picked it up, because I was excited to see that someone had finally made a color tetris game. When I turned it on, I noticed several things which disappointed me right off the bat.
There are several modes of play in this game, and only one which is "Plain-vanilla" tetris. Most of the modes are fun for a time, but only the classic Tetris is even worth playing.
There are a few redeeming factors, but overall, being able to switch out your next piece (and "Hold" a favorite), and FINALLY being able to "quick drop" your piece instead of waiting as it drops, does not make up for the forgiving difficulty and distracting colors and backgrounds of this game.
Several things prompted me to rate it so low:

One, there is no score-saving. Heck, there isn't any way to score the game at all! What fun is it when you can't even brag about your high score?

Two, the "infinite rotate" feature made it so you can continue to rotate a piece endlessly until you figured out where you wanted to set it.

Three, the "shadow block" makes it so that you can see where you your piece will drop. Makes the game too easy.

Those three items have effectively "broken" tetris for me! I promptly took the game back and requested a refund. Avoid this version of tetris at all costs! If you must have a tetris fix, it's possible to find
the original for the gameboy under $10. (Even if it does stick out of your gba sp two inches!
Don't mess with the successful Tetris formula!
Until a new version comes out that addresses these issues, I'm sticking with my gameboy version of Tetris!

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