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A nice new Tetris

posted by heimburg (ORLANDO, FL) Apr 22, 2006

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You probably already know how to play Tetris. Everybody does. In fact, when I play this game in public I am a little self-conscious because it's entirely possible that the people around me know how to play Tetris better than me.

This is a new rendition of Tetris, and it's very polished and fun to look at. While you play the main mode, you can watch old Nintendo games being played out on the top screen. The better you do at Tetris, the quicker the games on the top screen go.

The new modes are really what hold your attention, though, if you're already good at Tetris (and you probably are). Catch mode is a great new way to play Tetris and I am considering buying the cartridge just for that mode. The other modes are also pretty entertaining.

The biggest complaint is that they really could have added some surprises. I mean, watching those old games go by reminds you how fun it was to play them back in the day. I would have loved if it was possible to unlock one or two of those old games. How hard could it have been to emulate Mario Bros. 1, or one of the other NES original games? There are no secrets to unlock at all except for some music tracks, which is just a shame.

This is a fun renter. You'll quickly remember why you enjoyed Tetris back in the day.

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Very Good

TETRIS LIVES ON!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Marioman (LAS VEGAS, NV) May 19, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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After the release of tetris in the late 1980s, we have a high expection from puzzle games(not poke'mon trozei!) Anyway, TEtris is the greatest reincarnation of the classic puzzler.
As you can tell by the box art, there are old school Nintendo characters in the tetris mix. THAT IS AWESOME!!! For example, in the classic tetris mode, the old school Super Mario Bros. is being played in the top screen while you tetris action is on the bottom screen. The action on top starts going to the legend of zelda to balloon fight to metroid to donkey kong. There are also 5 other modes.
Puzzle mode has you try to clear line with only 3 or 4 or 5 peices. It is easy at first, but then it makes a puzzle out of a puzzle games. However, it is very addicting.
Push mode is a mode i do not understand to the fullest, but you clear lines on a Donkey kong game backround and the lines go up or down. Its not fun.
Mission mode is hard because link keeps asking you to clear 3 lines with an L or clear two lines with a Z thing. It is hard, but fun.
Catch mode... you will hate it at first, but love it after 5 or so plays. You catch tetris blocks to make a square with Samus from metroid and blow stuff up.
Touch mode is tetris with all the blocks already fallen. You touch them to flip them, and drag them to move tham to a slot. It is very easy, so expect no pressure from it.
The greatest thing about tetris DS is WIFI support. You think your great and want to show of your skills? Well, prepare to fail because some people on WIFI Are perfect at the game.
My verdict is you should buy this game if you absolutly love tetris. For everyone else, it is a rent

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Very Good

Tetris DS back in Multi-Player Form

posted by Kimoon (BROOKLYN, NY) Apr 20, 2006

Member since Jan 2003

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I spent so much time with Tetris in my younger days that I am not a shamed to say I consider it a childhood friend. We spent time alone (NES version) and as part of a group (Gameboy version). We also had our share of rough times (Tetris World). Luckily Tetris is finally back in playable form.

Tetris DS uses old themes for its presentation. This is a special treat for those who played Zelda, Super Mario, Balloon Fight, Donkey Kong or Metroid. Another thing the game got right is the way the tetriminos looks. They are brightly colored and it is a pleasure to look at as you stack the different colored tetriminos.

The games single player mode is good but it isn’t the highlight of this package. There is the standard mode which is great since you can play infinitely long which was not doable in Tetris World. Of course the problem is that you can still spin your piece forever so a lot of the challenge is removed. The challenge mode and push mode is more interesting because the infinite spin move will still punish players because they are either verses or time based challenges. The touch and grab mode are kind of bad and the puzzle mode is somewhere in the middle in the fun level.

The game really shines as a multi-player game. The Nintendo Wi-Fi service matches does lack options but gives you enough variety and its ease of use to find random opponents makes it a great service. The four player mode, push mode and 1 on 1 modes are all fun to play. The fact that you can play up to 10 people on a single card also makes it easy to find opponents if you don’t have wi-fi but Nintendo Wi-Fi is really the way to go for this game. Luckily since speed is also important in multi-player, infinite spin really isn’t a viable tactic.

The single player game can help you train you for the multi-player game that is waiting for you in Tetris DS. So as a single player game this it is just good but the multi-player experience makes this game a whole lot of fun.

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