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AN ADDICting blast

posted by goblinleader22 (CEDAR LAKE, IN) Dec 28, 2011

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I got this game as a gift from my grandparents and I love this game! It has a bunch of different party modes and great classic modes. This the only game I play on my 3ds. If your a tetris fan you most likely won't play any other 3ds games. The only flaw is I wish their were more modes. There are a lot of modes but I just wish there were more to keep me busy.

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Party mode has a few interesting options.

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Nov 2, 2011

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One thing that makes this a good game for kids is it's easy learning curve. It starts out slow and even shows a silhouette of where the tetris will fall if it's not manuevered. I like the jigsaw, silhouette, tower climb(also available in the AR mode) modes the best because I've never seen them before. I've only played the old tetris so maybe they have been in other versions. The AR mode is cool if you have a flat surface that allows you to walk all around it(I don't) and if you don't mind staying on your feet to play. Also there are only 2 to start with, I don't know if there are others you can unlock. I never play multiplayer so I can't rate that at all. Overall, I'd say this game is worth a rental at least.

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Really Bad

Simply awful

posted by sarsly (SANTA CRUZ, CA) Aug 23, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

Tetris is a simple game that's almost always fun, and therefore easy to repackage and sell. If there's one game series that will undoubtedly never get old, it's Tetris. And yet, by some miracle, whoever made Tetris Axis managed to ruin it almost to the point of being unplayable.
First off, the control scheme is a mess. The joystick is (for whatever reason) not used at all in this game, despite it being the easiest and most comfortable to use. Instead, the awkward D-pad is the only option. The 3DS's D-pad is well known for being difficult to use due to its uncomfortable positioning, and yet the makers of Tetris Axis thought it was the best possible option. One might think, "It's a DS game, of course you can use the touch screen instead, right?" Wrong. The touch screen is only used in the main menus, and even there it's a pain. Players have to double tap any buttons that they wish to select, making menu navigation somehow more difficult than using the D-pad. The touch screen is not used at all during gameplay.
Another problem is the music. The simple, oft-remixed Tetris theme is used almost constantly in this game, and of course, whoever made this garbage heap of a game managed to ruin that as well. The remix is uncreative, repetitive, and inescapable. If you absolutely must play this game, keep the sound off.
As with all "family-friendly" Nintendo games, the Mii characters make an appearance in Tetris Axis. This time, they're not just being unobtrusive in the background. In Tetris Axis, you can select a Mii that you've made and select generic clothing for it to wear, as well as a number of silly dances for it to do. Whenever you are playing Tetris Axis, no matter what mode you're trying, your Mii will be perpetually dancing on the bottom screen. There is no interaction with the Mii, and no way to make it stop doing that awful dance. I'm sure some children might enjoy that, but anyone else will quickly tire of it.
I shall conclude by begging you to not play this g

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