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Not very Impressive...

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Feb 12, 2011

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Probably, looked better on paper... Test Drive is an Old title and this one isn't beating any other driving games out there. The cool thing about this game is the Size of area to drive around in...
The game plays like that game FUEL, but not as good as graphics, nor driving elements. You are able to free roam in the game, and are able to "customise" your driving character -- How that becomes relevant when you are in the car--is beyond me.

The story goes -- You start out as a Valet driver just dreaming of having fancy cars and one day you are given the ability to compete in a variety of races.

There is three type of driving classes.
Asphalt - street...
Classic - street with no real differences from Asphalt
Offroad - Off road

The game a lot of cool features -- As long as you are not playing for the driving simulation - You will be happy.
Driving physics are clunky; I had a curb knock me back when driving slowly; I had a bush knock me back into the street when I was flooring it... Not just a gently shove--as in knock--a violent hurl back...
There is no positrak concept -- You peel out easily, it is like driving on ice, there is this annoying high pitched sound at high speeds that makes you think your speaker is damaged(sounds like rustling paper)....
You are able to, buy hair-styles... Different clothes... Differnt homes... Customise your home, with furniture and other doodads... You can also go to dealerships.
The multiplayer is neat -- Right away they throw you into a free roam with other online players... Yes--just like the racing game FUEL... With a lot of exotic cars... But not much driving functionality... You might not find the driving simulator fun... But you might like to deck-out your home or like to play with random people, in the MASSIVE online world of Test Drive Unlimited....

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Would have been good!

posted by midwestjester (CARPENTERSVILLE, IL) Feb 14, 2011

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6 out of 9 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

This started out as a promising game that Would have been good if you have hours upon end trying to complete the same trivial yet incredibly impossible at times tasks to just get a fricking license so you can enjoy the game. If you have hours on end to dedicate to doing the same task just to get a license that will allow you to play a game and enjoy it than this is your game. I however when I buy a game prefer to be able to play it with some challenge not almost impossible.

Here is a hint for the game designer people will actually buy your game after they try it if it is playable and they can enjoy the efforts you spent in designing it. However you made the license portion of the game way too challengng and I like many lost interest and will NEVER BUY!

Overall Good idea for a game GARBAGE license feature.

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TDU 2 Review

posted by graffitixx94 (MILLERSVILLE, PA) Mar 16, 2011

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4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

To be honest, don't waste your money BUYING this game. It is not worth buying...with that being said though, its worth trying.

1. The graphics are not very good. The characters look like mannequins and the cars aren't as crisp as they could look (for example Forza Motorsport 3)
2. The voice acting is bad.
3. The car handling is not that realistic. Most of the cars drive the exact same, the only diffrence being how fast they go. I could buy a Lancia Delta and it would drive the same as an H3...come on. This is a RACING game and the driving dynamics are terrible.
4. The exploring gets repetitive but its something you must do if you want to be able to tune up your car.
5. You can not sell your car. Are you serious? That is a major flaw.

There are some good points about this game, such as the IDEA of the game. A free-roam, rpg style, racing games sounds like alot of fun to me! This was just not executed well and the bad parts about this game out weight the good (by alot). Try to stay away from this game. Stick with Forza Motorsport if you want a real racing experience. If you're looking for a good free-roam racing game, get Midnight Club.

Test Drive Unlimited 2?...not worth the buy.

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