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Test Drive: Eve of Destruction


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Turnaround Races

Drive past the turnaround point until it says 'Get back on track'. Press Select to put yourself in the opposite direction (it is faster). Tapping R2 (emergency brake) and going to the inside all the way to the grass is the easiest way to win a Turnaround race. Going in the grass on the inside line to helps you avoid oncoming traffic

Buh-Kwawk title

Max out your hit meter fifteen times in a career event.

Gaining Reputation Points

The 2 easiest ways to gain reputation points (to unlock cars and tracks) is to use the bus, pick 7 events and make sure all of them are detention mode or destruction derby mode. Destruction Derby mode helps to get hit points and detention mode helps to get kills. I have been averaging 20-40 kills on detention mode. If executed perfectly in a 7 event eve (all being detention mode) there are a total of 70 (give or take a few because not all tracks have the same number of opponents in detention mode).

Suicide Races

Stay to the inside of the track to avoid the oncoming onslaught of cars.

Demolition Derby

Drive around avoiding cars until you have less than four cars remaining.


While using the bus in the dare levels during a race, just push the other cars to build up hit points

Career progression

When you complete 20% of the career mode (80% remaining), make sure to have one fast car for racing rounds and a cheap "D" - demolition car for demolition rounds. Modify your demolition car with a reinforcement upgrade only. For your fast car, do all upgrades. This saves money and constant churning of cars.